Jubilee development airbnb tax

If you own an Airbnb/Homestay Government wants your money too;

You’ll be paying:
1K Registration
26K per house/unit owned annually
NEMA license
Single business permit
Home insurance
1% DST
2% catering levy
16% VAT & 30% corporate tax because you must be a LTD

Good work jubilee. Tulipe ushuru tujitegemee

It was just a matter of time, especially considering the elite who own big fancy 5 star hotels have noticed how they’re losing customers to airbrb.

However, it will be very difficult for the government to monitor your airbrb income and tax it.

Kiuliso can someone compel KRA through the judiciary to show tax record of kenyatta business. Tujukue kama yeye ni tax payer?

Na hoteli hazina wateja

Not really , the government will just deduct the money directly from Airbnb. You will get your Airbnb money with taxes already deducted.

very hard to implement ,

I hear kuna agents posing as clients, they’re targeting those highly rated first. ukipatwa peke yako, they’ll corner you to pay that 26k.

Yaani izo requirements zote? Government is not encouraging business at all

Or airbrb investers could just accept cash or M pesa.

Kenyan government still uses pre colonial laws to govern businesses. And intentionally so. That way government officials have a way to make side money for violators.

Lakini si serikali ikitaka pesa watembelee hizi rental zote zimejaa Kenya. We would reduce our deficits by more than 35%.

Judge from the NIC-CBA merger

Kenyattas appointed the NIC CBA merger judge.

Wacha haka hako kaizi katoke we will claim that tax.

they should pay something just not too high. Police offer security and the travelers use govt roads to reach their airbnb, those salaries and loans need tax to be possible.

Hakuna kwa kujificha

you can’t tax your way to prosperity. quite the opposite actually. you can only tax once you are prosperous.

Let us all pay our fair share of taxes… then we’ll all feel the paid when we elect leaders who end up stealing our taxes… In fact I am praying that the price of petrol rises and diesel to over Shs. 150 per litre soon!! And that is why many do not care and are supporting BBI nonsense knowign very well it will be much more costly to run… from our taxes!

Definately high taxes are not good, but are they really high if we compare around.

Too bad we are not resource rich or have heavy manufacturing neighbours we can offer services too.