Jubilee Dev - Update: Expansion of Rironi to ABC place dual road to 3 lanes dualled road.



Relax boss. Treat your brother well. Wish him well

Are they going to demolish all those markets along the the road. Uthiru, kinoo, regen etc

swafii ,post more kaka braza

Are the works on schedule, that is, will he finish within the Contract period of 36months?

I doubt, land acquisition lazima ilete delays

STFU with this jubilee nonsense… whats the point of building all that shit na half the country cant afford something as basic as nyanya??

so hio pesa iwe disbursed ndio waweze kununua nyanya halafu zipitie kwa mkundu wako ndio ziwafikie?

No campaigns 2010, You were told sasa mugaramie ujeuri. What Ruto can see sitting down other will not see on top of KICC.


Wacha u