Jubilee Dev-Title deeds unlock Germany’s KShs 3.5 Billion for technical colleges

The focus is shifting from university white collar degrees to technical skills training in line with the 47 special economic zones countywide plan. Those trained now will work in the SEZ in each county once they are completed. DP Uncle Ruto is heading the initiative to build a TTI in every constituency in the country where youth, women and men can enroll in various technical skills training.



[B]Ministry Of Lands[/B]‏ @Lands_Kenya 1h1 hour ago
German Ambassador to Kenya Jutta Frasch joined us as we issued a title to the Nairobi Technical Training Institute yesterday. #[B]GoKDELIVERS[/B]

German financial institution, KfW Development Bank, is set to release billions of shillings to Kenya’s vocational training institutions after the government began to clear the title deed deadlock. The Land ministry Monday released title deeds to Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology and Nairobi Technical Training Institute in part of a campaign that targets 20,000 public institutions. The two Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions and the Thika Technical Training Institute have already been prequalified to act as centres of excellence, clearing them to benefit from German support worth Sh3.5 billion (€30 million). The German government signed an agreement with Kenya for financial and technical support of TVET institutions in 2015 but lack of title deeds has slowed the process. Under the deal, the KfW Development Bank will disburse the money as GIZ provides technical support.

“Title deeds are necessary to provide proof of existence of land for future expansion,” said German Ambassador to Kenya Jutta Frasch. “The two institutions (Kiambu and Nairobi Technical) can now present their report to KfW Development Bank and GIZ and prepare for training of trainers.”

The deal, involving the private sector, seeks to produce middle-level artisans to power Kenya’s Vision 2030 plan. It also seeks to supply a large pool of technical skills at undergraduate and Master’s degree levels.


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