Jubilee Dev - Tarmacking of Milalani-Kilulu road in Msambweni Kwale County

Good roads are enablers of economic growth and diversification, allowing farmers to venture into commercial production due to rapid transport; a spark for investors to set up shop; a boost for domestic and international tourism and a key element of industrialisation.

At the launch of the Milalani-Kilulu Road, Msambweni, Kwale County.


Pwani political class, majority of them are well fed.

I can see hoho’s sidekick present.

Suleiman Shahbal better not appear in June 2022 asking for a place in the line.

Coast odm MP’s quickly folding to suppprt DP Uncle Ruto. They just showed up all of them such that their was a scramble for seats at the VIP dias. They are known to be used, used and used all the time. So when they meet DP Uncle Ruto who can hold his own comfortably, engage and listen to them, it becomes so refreshing for them.

Good job jubilee. Endelea hivyo, you have our support


looking for joho in the pic:cool:

Uncle Ruto isn’t even trying. They are flocking to him like sheep.