Jubilee Dev - Tarmacking of Lenana-Muchugia-Dagoretti Market Road

Laying and compaction of GCS base and asphalt concrete in progress along Lenana – Muchugia – Dagoretti Market Link Road


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If you have used this road you will know how quickly the urban setting with flats hapo near lenana school turns to a very rural one ukiingia huko ndani. This area is about to change kama ruaka


Buroti Huku ni ngapi?

7 kupanda for a quarter, still cheaper than Ruaka but with Ngong Road dualling it will be more accessible

Not bad.

Anyone with a map? Checking on Google but can’t tell if this is the one running parallel to the Southern Bypass to Kikuyu?

No, runs parallel to southern bypass but from lenana high school on Ngong road inaenda kutokea at the southern bypass - Dagoretti market (ndoyo) junction

That is an area I never though it would see such kind of development. Kudos!

@native son musubcounty am coming home kaa mambo ndio haya. Najua inapitia hapo mutuini high school.
Ile ingine ya Ndûnyû Waithaka mlimaliza?

kitambo,na si inapitia SAA hii wako hapo mutuini high

So now Dagoretti south is no longer the area referred to as Nairobi rural. Naja end month unipe guided tour from kabiria to saigon to market.
Do you know who was Mûrîa mbogo? Hio shule ikijengwa naona

hapo karibu na makaburi ya njiku,hata hio kabarabara kamepata lami

Nice development.


700k ama 7m?


Kenyans have gone mad.

spear thanks for update

Hehe…I’ll show myself out.

Man!!! We still have that traditional attachment to land that our forefathers had and this makes land outrageously expensive…damn!!