Jubilee Dev - Tarmacking of access road to Ruai starting from Police Station

Construction of Access to Ruai Police Station substantially complete. The project is currently at 93 per cent. @UKenyatta @Ma3Route @JamesMacharia_ @MikeSonko @county_nairobi @ntsa_kenya https://t.co/vftLgl7odh
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Kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea.

I passed by there when I collected some guy who was knocked by a lorry. It has been well done.

hapa ndio hood. just wondering… ni wasito wangapi hapa ambao wana reside these sides…ruai/kamulu/joska?

I almost bought a plot in joska/kamulu. Something inside ikaclick nikawacha.

Months later my colleague bought a plot in Ruai for 700k. Kumbe the plot had been sold to 11 other buyers.

Long story short, I was almost your neighbour :slight_smile:

My hood too, Ruai

hapo joska market kwanza ni notorious sana kwa double allocation.

Which means mmetembea pork manenos hapo kwa flyover? The waitresses there wamebeat yao yote!

But the fry ni poa sana.

Ruai, block 10 is my hood

That’s a proper road. Why can’t they build these across the city with the exact same standard.