Jubilee Dev-Tarmacking Kiawara-Nairutia & Karai-Babito Roads in Kieni Nyeri County

Through infrastructure development, we will continue to transform every part of the country as we strive for equity, fair opportunity and inclusive growth. Opening up rural areas will spur local economies, attract investment and boost incomes.
Engaging wananchi after commissioning the Kiawara-Nairutia and Karai-Babito Roads at Kiawara, Kieni, Nyeri County.
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They look serious eeeh…

Huyo jamaa Ephraim Maina, helicopter, wooden bridge, Solio…

He was very powerful before 2012. Now he has to grind like other MP’s not half his age .

What happened? I thought he owns Solio ama ni ndoto?

He still has his properties but what he lack and craves is power.

Naona Ruto amenza kung’ara na shati zasilk, Uhuru-style.