Jubilee Dev - Tarmacking 15Kms of roads in Mokowe in Lamu County

KURA is constructing a total of 15km Tarmac Road in Mokowe-Lamu county this will ease access to Lamu County, promote trade and attract investors in the Region.

Thank you the Uhuruto government so so so so so so much.

Thank you

Good job jubilee. Uhuru-ruto tano tena

Current situation on the Garissa-Mandera road.

Rekebisha. Wanakuja

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People need to appreciate that infrastructure development isn’t instant tea. It had been ignored for decades. Former President Kibaki started by incorporating the northern Kenya roads projects into the Lappset corridor. The first one was the Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale 600kms road. He launched it and was completed by Jubilee. Another 2000kms of roads are still pending. Jubilee awarded the Isiolo-Samburu-Turkana road, 500Kms for 30 billion. Another 30 billion Lamu-Garissa-Isiolo road by development bank of south Africa was awarded by PPP where they will pick a contractor and operator of that tolled road. 10 billion Lamu-Garsden road by HZ contractor has been launched but stopped for 9 months after terrorist attacks around bole forest ecosystem. This three mega road projects opens up the region vastly for transportation, growth and economic activities. Since its a step by step process expect the last major road project of 500kms Isiolo-Wajir-Mandera to be awarded in this term as well. There are also several link roads of 70-100kms that were launched in in 2016-2017 that I will keep on updating in the future. So work is in the works, not completed now but will be done in the future.