Jubilee Dev - Rehabilitation of Kshs 3.99 billion 47 Kms Ruiru-Githunguri-Uplands road at Ngewa Centre in Kiambu County


Githunguri - kagwe -kimende ?

Hapa Mr. Mkuki am personally glad… My 20acres will increase in value then I will offer them as bloti maguta maguta very soon.

tuongee pale inbox

Am still on speculation let the prices go up.

Tanga tanga movement on the match every weekend upto President Uhuru home. I’ve been telling guys mnajezewa akili ndogo and their closed minds couldn’t see it. It worked perfectly, funded by the President executed by DP Uncle Ruto. By the end of this year when all the 47 counties are done, only DP Uncle Ruto will be the “only” candidate as Kilifi women rep said. Next year will be fighting for his running mate.

About time. That road needed a touch.

Wapi Kiambu Uko na 20 acres. ndanganya masaai jinga… senji

If you think that’'s the only one I have… Pole bra! Not all of us are strangling.

Kama wewe sio mbirrionaire apana sumbua mbirrionaires priis.

Sio ukabila lakini Kiuks mnapenda kutengeneza kwenyu sana. What of other parts, like Ukambani? Na usiniambie zile project zililaunchiwa kwa sababu hizo roads ni Class A and B under National Highway Authority. They should have been done like yesterday.

Kibwezi-Kitui road construction 230 kms up to Garissa is ongoing. This pictures are for Jan 2018. This is grade A international road.

Jubilee Dev - Tarmacking Kibwezi-Mutomo-Kitui to International Standards - News & Politics - Kenya Talk

You’re talking about the beginning of the year when we are already past half a year. Damn!

That would mean the construction progress has advance further by now.


100 million per kilometer and it’s just repair works? Where is the value for tax payers money?
Kwani barabara inapakwa layer ya custard na gold dust?

why do they make such tiny roads? ni pesa mtu anakula.If you look at it in the long run,the area will develop and before long there’ll be slums ([SIZE=1]read: poorly structured apartments[/SIZE])mushrooming around the area therefore no room for expansion.

Roads are just a way to loot money. Never has a country been built on a it’s roads. Is germany known for its roads or its engineering? Is Italy known for its road or it’s fashion? Pretty soon kenya will have hundreds of overpriced roads going to nowhere

Plenty of people do.