Jubilee Dev - President Uhuru launches Kshs 2.7 billion Nairobi roads reconstruction

President Kenyatta launches Sh2.7 billion roads reconstruction in Nairobi City

NAIROBI, 30 MAY 2018, (PSCU) — President Uhuru Kenyatta today launched the reconstruction of roads in 11 constituencies in Nairobi’s Eastlands.

The program is part of the Nairobi Regeneration Program and its first phase will see the repair of more than 80 kilometres of roads in the city’s populous Eastlands estates.

The roads covered by the project include Komarock Road, Harambee Estate Sacco roads, Construction of Eastern Bypass — Kayole Spin Road, Donholm Phase V and VIII roads, Eldoret Road and Nyasa Road.

The President, who was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia among other leaders officially kicked off the projects at a function at Rabai Road in Jericho Estate.

He said he chose to launch the Nairobi Regeneration in Eastlands as a demonstration of the Jubilee Government’s concern for the interest of the common man and woman.

“We have decided to start this program here before it even goes to other parts of Nairobi occupied by the affluent,” said the President.

The National Government is contributing Sh1.8 billion of the total cost of the road’s project with the Nairobi County government contributing Sh900 million.

President Kenyatta directed the contractors awarded the tenders for the projects to ensure they are completed by December failure to which they will suffer penalties including taking away of the whole tender from them.

He also warned contractors against the tendency to ‘cut corners’; urging citizens to monitor the progress of the project and report to authorities if they see that work is not being done.

“The Deputy President comes around this areas a lot and if you see anything wrong with the progress of the project you can inform him,” said the President.

He also warned government officials against corruption, saying that the government and people of Kenya are tired of the ills of the vice.

“We are tired of the few people who steal resources meant for all Kenyans. When we get you stealing you will have to carry your own cross and you will not be allowed to use your tribe to defend yourself,” said the President when he addressed residents after launching the project.

The Deputy President said the Jubilee government had last year promised to improve the condition of roads in Nairobi’s Eastlands and was fulfilling its pledge.



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https://kenyalivenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/IMG_20180218_153222.jpgthis guy tho,Kithure Kindiki arrived in a chopper to build a mud walled school.priorities alright

:D:D Angewanunulia makiga interlocking bricks machine with the fuel money.

laptop in primary …story ilishaaje ?

Kwa hizo picha sioni ngafana.

Good job jubilee keep it up

Gavana akwende kabisa



In all honesty Gavana Sonko has done more (so far) than Kidero ever did. It is only that nature conspired to dredge up all the filth and flow it to the city as it rained like it has not rained in a long time, plus he is the Governor of Nairobi - like it or not - so it would only be in our collective best interest to support him and wish him well. There is no point cutting the nose to spite the face.

Shame on us!
And yet our yearly national budget is upwards of Ksh 2.5 trillion!

Zile pesa tume-waste on the laptop project… Shame indeed!!!

hapa kuna watu tu wako ready kuiba hio pesa

This is a shame? Why is the president launching a simple road recarpting excercise this shouldn’t have an fanfare.

So when will he be launching re-carpeting of roads in other sections like Westlands, Kilimani, ngong rd, Langata etc where roads are horrible nowadays

We are blaming nature now?