Jubilee Dev - President Uhuru launch the Kshs 275 million Tenwek ultra modern Eye & Dental Centre in Bomet county

Government to establish Eye and Dental centres in referral hospitals, President Kenyatta says

NAIROBI, 4 APRIL 2018 (PSCU) – President Uhuru Kenyatta today said the government will allocate funds to establish ultra-modern Eye and Dental facilities in referral hospitals, which must be built within 12 months. He warned again that the days of wastage of resources was over, and put CS Health Sicily Kariuki and her team on notice. He said the Government will set aside Sh 300 million for each referral hospital including Kenyatta National Hospital, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Nyeri and Mombasa hospitals.
The President spoke at Tenwek Hospital grounds after unveiling a Sh 275 million ultra-modern Eye and Dental Centre put up with the assistance of donors. The new centre has a capacity to handle 20,000 clients and conduct 5,000 surgeries annually.

“I have seen what less than Sh 300 million can do to uplift the lives of Kenyans. I want to see similar facilities at Kenyatta National Hospital, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Nyeri and Mombasa,” said President Kenyatta.

The Head of State said he had learnt a great lesson from the Tenwek hospital example which his government is ready to transfer and replicate elsewhere.

“I have picked several lessons here. You will not be able to blind me again,” he told top officials from the health Ministry led by the Cabinet Secretary.

He said he could not see any reason as to why the government, with all its huge resources, could not achieve similar successes like Tenwek with its meagre resources. The President therefore said the National Government, in partnership with County governments will work towards achieving its key agenda of Universal Health care – a crucial pillar in the Big Four Agenda.
The President, who was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto, put on notice government officials who use their positions to enrich themselves.

“Those who thought they had blinded me should now know they are on notice,” said President Kenyatta adding that top Government officials starting with Cabinet Secretaries and their Principal Secretaries should be fully accountable of their dockets.

He said he will no longer be deceived by dishonest activities and manoeuvring by those entrusted to run public institutions.
The 81-year old Tenwek Hospital which started as a dispensary in 1937 is under the management of the Africa Gospel Church of Kenya (AGCK). President Kenyatta congratulated the management of the institution and health experts who have enabled Tenwek Hospital put up the new Eye and Dental centre adding that, if need be, their expertise might be called in when and where need arises.

“We as the government support this great work. We appreciate the great work you have done here," said President Kenyatta who announced a Sh 20 million government donation to the hospital to repair its Kitchen and other facilities which were recently destroyed by fire.

He also donated a school bus to the Tenwek High school. President Kenyatta praised Bomet Governor Dr. Joyce Laboso for nurturing a working unity of purpose to develop the agriculturally rich county. 0The Deputy President said every sector will be mobilized to cement President Kenyatta’s legacy of transformation.

“The transformation of Kenya will not happen if we do not mobilize every resource and every sector- the Non-governmental Organization, religious organizations and the public sector, so that we can push the transformation of our country under the agenda four items that you have identified as the President of Kenya," said the DP.
Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso pledged to help President Kenyatta achieve the Big Four agenda by working closely with the National Government.



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while people related to his family are busy stealing money through dubious procurement deals like containers, he has the audacity to launch a donor funded project where the govt contribution is zero. The same donors he keeps vilifying. Then goes ahead ans issues empty threats like the one he has been issuing since 2013. i could see the health CS busy giggling (am sure she was saying hii mwanamume ni bure, we dont take him seriously). shithole president.

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