Jubilee Dev - Port Reitz Moi International Airport Access Road

Port Reitz - Moi International Airport Access Road. The Moi International Airport Road is the only access to the airport. The Port Reitz Road links to the 2nd Container Terminal at the Port of Mombasa to the Northern Corridor. Quality Highways, Better Connections https://t.co/FLOAm314et
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Very beautiful road. Would love to drive on it.

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Very nice

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It’s very nice. But the locals here need some lessons, most hawajaona barabara kubwa hivo.
People are being knocked down sana pale karibu equity

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Urgently so indeed. Maisha muhimu.

Naona watu wa magogo mwiso wamepeta Barbara zuri

Well constructed and complete with street lights.
Residents and airport users must be pleased with this.

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hehehe,magongo…used to walk from mikindani to this airport when i was a kid…

we appreciate a new look in msa