Jubilee Dev-Opening of Kandara Technical and Vocational College (TTI) & handing over of a school bus to Kenyoho Sec School, Kandara, Muranga County

Strong economies and prosperous societies are defined by what they manufacture, invent and how they innovate; that is why the expansion of technical education is at the core of the Government’s transformation agenda.

During the official opening of Kandara Technical and Vocational College (TTI) and handing over of a school bus to Kenyoho Secondary School, Kandara constituency, Murang’a County.

A whole deputy president for lack of sense and brains has been reduced to launching school buses and school labs, domitories.

Hiyo ni kazi ya MCA . DP Ruto is a nobody now, before the end of this atakuwa NJE with many cases to keep him busy. He is now feeling lots of heat , all the taps where he used to steal money belonging to the public has been closed. Mwizi!

In politics being seen on the ground is what is important. People in Mt. Kenya region love him for being there for them. Whether its a school bus or building churches, he is there. The person who stands with them will not be forgotten. Did you listen to what Meru leaders said about his visibility and being hard working?

he attended keneis funeral if this was another part of the country he would be heckled

Dp ni mwizi yes but to compete with the dynasties which has stolen far more than him he had to otherwise he would not be a serious player in 2022

yes, that is the entertainment Kenya needs.
Go ask reggea to give you meds and educate your children.

Things are very tough for him now,all the money he stole during jubilee 1st term will be depleted by next year June. Never outshine your master.