Jubilee Dev- More New National Police Service Housing units

CS @TransportKE James Macharia and Ag CS @InteriorKE Dr Fred Matiang’i today commissioned a total of 850 modern housing units that will be occupied by Police Officers and their families, in the ongoing Police Reforms and Modernisation programme. https://t.co/KdUUYANbza
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Very impressive. This is more than decent housing.

Hii ni maendeleo. Kwanza wanafaa wapige wrecking ball zile nyumba za makarao za capital center alafu wajenge zingine

@pamba enda leta khupipi kutoka reserve sasa

The 1st Phase of 10000 units across the country has progressed well. Within 5 years all NPS officers will have decent staff houses.

swali bwana itumbi; hiizi ni zile nyumba 3 bedroom shared na 3 families (kama ile east capital apartments kangundo road) ama ni kila askari nyumba yake tofauti?

Nope, these aren’t the one. Those were built under Murungaru and Michuki tenure. This new units are either 1 bedroom, two bedrooms or three bedrooms for a single officer depending on rank. At a wewe unaweza kuwa Deno but its not me.

Reforms so far:

  1. Modern equipments I.e leased vehicles plus fuel cards, digital communication devices and armoured vehicles.
  2. Life insurance cover of up to 10 million per officer.
  3. Comprehensive health insurance for officers and their families for them to be served in public and private hospitals.
  4. 50,000 housing units funded jointly by Shelter Afrique/Treasury countrywide. 10000 units annually ongoing.

No 5. Is the proposed salary and allowances increases being negotiated.

Nice! Police in Kenya have the best gig ever…only that A and B students need not apply (except pamba of cos, A- class of '83;)). They need to increase the entry requirements given all these perks of being in the service.

:D:DI find it hilarious how no one believes you about your identity

Salut. Our officers deserve to live in dignified housing. They are our shujaas.

Deno once challenged us to blog or use our real identity on social media like him so that we own our words and be responsible for our good/bad actions. Well not on this platform.

Not really. Entry requirements are determined by the nature of tasks that will be undertaken…it’s not based on perks. But for specialized units, ideally, they should have higher entry requirements.

This is nice. Good progress.

Are these the ones fully built with EPS?

We need these in Kibera pronto and all the other slums.

Where else are these being built for police?

'83 kulikuwa na A- kweli :eek:

Like a fish needs eyedrops:D:D

sasa with all this na bado wanatreat raia kama their enemies…:rolleyes:

We have marked yet another major milestone in H.E @UKenyatta’s #Big4 plan as I handed over the first phase of 1050 housing units for National Police & Prison Services housing units to my Interior counterpart CS @FredMatiangi. https://t.co/dGd7rorlPF
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Yes. Next up are the slums countrywide. It starts with Nairobi in 2018 is politicians don’t sabotage it.

H.E @UKenyatta commitment to facilitate countrywide mass housing production of 500,000 affordable units in 5yrs is on course.In partnership with various stakeholders, production of 8,000 housing units in Mavoko & 200,000 units to commence in slum areas in '18 ~CS @JamesMacharia_ https://t.co/8h2irEdSO9
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Building houses for police is such a big thing in Kenya,what a mediocre country Kenya is