Jubilee Dev- Maintenance of 100Km Amala River-Kaplong (B3) Road in Bomet and Narok counties

[B]James Macharia[/B]‏ @JamesMacharia_ Apr 2
Maintenance of 100Km Amala River - Kaplong (B3) Road in Bomet and Narok counties. 99% Complete. @KeNHAKenya

Spear leo nmekupata, hiyo road napitianga nkienda kutaftanga @dark maasai nimlazimishe aombe msamaha na sijaona ikidressiwa mahali popote, maybe a small strip, FYI, mbele ya Bomet kuenda Kaplong barabara ni mbaya saidi

I welcome your feedback, for me the picture speak for themselves, its was maintenance so the repairs arent as visible as newly constructed roads. However the section leading into Bomet is the final kms not yet done that why its not listed as complete but ongoing. The fact that the ride was smooth until then is actually testament that it has been done as that wasn’t the case a few months ago. Ukitaka kunipata, utanipata tu, I’m human and that day i’ll buy you a drink kwa roho safi.