Jubilee Dev - Launching Eldama Ravine Makutano (C687) Road in Baringo County

Let the man parrot in peace, it’s all he knows.

Sawa wacha kaparrot lakini siezi tusiwa na kifagio. Labda mtu ako na akili mwenye anamtumia anitusi lakini kutusiwa na serviette sitaki.

Partly in EMC county, Baringo and uasin gishu c54

I thought so, some of those names sound familiar. I usually tell people to travel widely. Kenya is big and a lot of rural areas are inaccessible. Nikisikia mtu anasema shamba zinaisha because ameona hapa coffee trees ikikatwa then I just laugh. Tembea uone Kenya.

True, it’s the road from poa place, kipsinende, kipkorgot, , strowberg, plateau, job centre, kaptagat forest, Small town- Nyaru- kipkabus forest- kipsaos forest-metkei-torongo- eldama ravine junction.
I have had the pleasure of visiting several of the forest stations. Some on the road and some off that road.

I like that area, cool breeze, time seems to move slowly there. Hapo Nyaru ndio midpoint, junction ya kuenda Samich Resort in the hills. Kuna mama hapo alituuzia mahindi choma soft sana. You will realize you have finished the first one when you are eating the second one.

Nyaru is one of the highest points of EMC county and I loved the samich resort despite the cold. You will regret it if you were to go there at this particular time that it’s raining without cessation, especially if you are driving a vehicle without fog lights, the mist from nyaru to kapchebelel and Hz centre is alot.

Ulinipea homework. The road from Poa place Eldy to Nyaru (B-54) was advertised and awarded. From Nyaru I’m not sure. Let me try again tomorrow. I’m not sure construction has been launched.