Jubilee Dev - Launching Eldama Ravine Makutano (C687) Road in Baringo County

His Excellency the Deputy President William Ruto launching Eldama Ravine Makutano (C687) Road on 19th May 2018.

Kweli tumechapa. Routine maintenance is so rare these days mpaka tunaweka commemoration plaque for periodic road maintenance? Next tukipaka statehouse rangi tutaweka commemoration plaque.

2013 they launched a a road in my village. Immediately the ceremony of one Ohuru was over, the government and trucks left upto today. Bad PR blinds only a fool eyes and clots his mind. It is early to celebrate

A better reporting of these developments could be done by giving us the name of the contractor and their cut. If possible you can also name the tenderpreneur.

Of course from the comfort of where you are you can’t understand but the people there have been crying out for this to happen. This road was built by Nyayo kanu and it was perfect. 20 years later it worn out, potholes and worse the extended rains has led to mudslides that has cut it off in some sections. Well its been done now.

Comfort? You think? Kwani wewe unatoka wapi bro? I use that road. Na wacha hiyo kuna ya eldama through torongo to eldi napitia. Comfort gani unasema? Hivi mpaka hospitali dawa zikiletwa tuweke plaque?

Residents of Baringo North from Kipsaraman to Kinyach, Bartabwa, Tereninin, ATIAR Barbarchun, kabilany Poi, Kapkoiwa, terik and all surroundings have something to look forward to. Kenya Rural Road Board (KERRA) has awarded low seal rural roads construction tender. So far 10 kms of the interior is now under tarmack for once. Construction continues as drainage works will follow. However its good to see the interior looking good and being acccesible.
Sasa nangoja kusikia maoni ya mbona DP Uncle Ruto amefungua plague na pia huko inajulikana. Kazi ifanyike si domo domo.

I hope drainage works will commence soon enough.

There were times I used to celebrate maendeleo of this kind. I used to pride in the clover interchanges of our roads, our high-rise skyscrapers, everything and etc. But not anymore. I became wiser after visiting several of our neighboring countries, especially Tanzania. I became ashamed of our country one day when we took a lady for an emergency C-section operation at Mt Meru Hospital in Arusha. We paid a hefty amount of 58,000 Tanzania shillings, about 2,800 Ksh, for everything, a treatment that costs over 35,000 Ksh, about 800,000 TSH, in our government hospitals!

Hiyo lazima otherwise this road will be done in 5-7 years. Even road construction has stopped until rains ends. You can’t pour tar in the rain. Once rains subsides they can start digging the trenches, doing it when its raining is like fighting mother nature. At least after people can now buy personal cars, not pickups and tractors only.

The only sign there was a good road is the rail, to ensure in future the roads don’t get completely worn out, wekeni road maintenance training in the TTC, so the counties can employ them to conduct routine inspection and regular maintenance.

Whoever the engineer/ contractor that did this road is crazy, look at those short kinks at the far end of the visible part of the road on photo 1 and 2. That’s a manufactured black spot!

@spear save the propaganda for when the project is complete.

Hiyo ya Torongo- kipsaos-metkei- Nyaru- to poa place iko aje? It’s been a year plus since I used it?

Sawa. Kichwa mavi haiwezi kuona point hata ikipigiliwa kwa utosi na nyundo.

Iko very “comfortable” if you get my drift.

Oh I forgot good news and tangible work progress is called propaganda. Hiyo nimezoea.

Criticism real or imaginary is OK coz lazima watu wapige mdomo.

My happiness is that kuna watu wamepunguzwa matope na shida ya kienda home.

That I don’t know, let me check if KERRA has anything on that. Its Marakwet right.

Another one for the ignore list. Insults shows immaturity, childishness and I’ve been allergic to that since 2005.

Sawa Spear. Ignore kimbia ukajifiche kwa mathako mi siezi kuignore. Stupid? I was allergic to it since birth wewe ulianza 2005. I was making a valid point halafu ukaanza kusema domo domo nikajua wewe ni kiatu. Routine maintenance wachana na plaque unless ni plaque ya gava kuapologize for sleeping on the job.

Kama umetumwa na boss yako kuparrot sychophantic chants hapa do it bila kuniambia domo domo. I am gifted at diagnosing stupid and you are it.