Jubilee Dev: Launch of Eurobondi 2.0

Ako wapi georgina akuje frothing at the mouth atuambie venye kenya kila mtoto including the sperms in my balls ziko na madeni…:D:D:D


At least investors have confidence that they’ll be paid. All Uhuru needs to do is tax us more. Win-win for us all.

The era of fake news to fit a particular propaganda. Government should stick to borrowing abroad and leave the domestic market to local businesses.

Remember the fake headlines this week. IMF wrote to deny it. They provide us an emergency forex facility to tap into if our forex reserves dwindle. So far its not been necessary but it acts to build confidence in the economy. Githeri media came up with lies of it been withdrawn and some critics claimed it’s even a “loan” that has been denied. Well the lie didn’t last a day and don’t expect them to print an apology. In fact they will contradict them if allowed to.

Haiya where did our githeri media get the whole denied loan story?

Their bottom.

Haha you’ve to give them and Raila credit for creating so much doubt with the first euro bond people still aren’t sure if it was stolen or not

@spear is this new eurobond at a lower interest rate than the old one? I think that is the only logic of having a new one.

I’m not surprised, people pay absolute zero attention to the budget process despite it been open for consultation and input from the first process. Even after its passed by Parliament they still don’t know what was passed. Githeri media is also too busy scrolling through social media and following outspoken politicians as news sources instead of economic or positive news. Personally I blame Chris Kirubi. We had a 24/7 business news TV station Capital news that was my favourite. He sold it to CNBC after a few successful years. Within 2 years CNBC had a change of policy and it was closed. That void remains up to now.

No, the first was was listed at 4-5% and we even won an award for the best deal (for Gok not investors). This is listed at 7% for the 10 years bond and 8% for the 30 years bond.

But it says here “subject to our policy understandings to complete the outstanding reviews”

My understanding of this means that it is available for as long as you do abc which you had committed to but haven’t. And since you haven’t then you can’t access it.

The postponed meeting means that the reviews couldn’t be done which means govt ililegea which means haiko.


Read and understand it literary.

“It remains in place until end of March 2018” Fullstop.

Those headline grabbing lies that it had be withdrawn are false.

They go further to say extension review was due much earlier in 2017 but we were in an extended electioneering period. However IMF team are here currently conducting it. Yes they have this issue for debate. However instead of speculations can we await their statement at the end of review and we move forward. So far this cushion facility is only needed at a crisis period. We haven’t been there and we haven’t needed it. Gov. Njoroge is doing well without it. The key is our economy evolves and diversifies every financial year. In 2017 agriculture which was our predominantly income earner of our economy a decade ago is now down to 18.8%. Slowly but steady our manufacturing and industry sectors is improving.

@spear pole kwa kuiba tag yako. :D:D:D
There is a reason I no longer even bother watching the news. I realized long ago that the ‘sources’ they quote are usually twitter posts from obvious opposition handles with hardly any credibility. What I despise the most is this childish need to follow trends. For example there was a point where they over highlighted accidents to a point it seemed like it was the only thing happening in Kenya. Does it mean there are no accidents happening today because they are not covering them? I actually feel healthier now.

UhuRuto 2013: Fcuk these imperialistic pigs, we do not need their funds. Wakwende kabisa. Hatu kubali ukoloni mamboleo!!!

FFW Uhunye 2018: Rotich man, kimbia pale raaadaan ufanye ka-harambee, uchumi iko mbaya saidi

*Ps; the above is reported speech.

Kenya is being fattened for slaughter. you can’t afford your basics, food, but your neighbour gives you credit, which you can’t afford, ununue useless things u don’t need, yaani Kenya imepeana tu makende ivo, wacha ianze kufinywa mtajua. right now we must import the latest models from Japan, why? restrictive covenants on those kpa deals, building new berths. lakini Kenyans hawaezi elewa io, those documents are kept secret. Ugandans get their goods cheaper n quality than us, yet they got no port. Kenyans work too hard, just to dress well and hide the shame in nice rentals, but kila MTU anajua there is no hope for Kenya. 10 years from now, telecommunications, multinationals, mining, foreign firms, construction, foreign firms, healthcare, foreign clinics, education, foreign investors, our tax, servicing foreign debt. even genuine business is not breaking even any more, its either you loot or you die poor, country to the dogs

Ndugu Mkuki,

How is Kirubi to blame for CNBC’s action?

Ile kitu hunishangaza ni vile wazungu husema Kenya ni mbaya sijui ufisadi umefika kwa koo then whenever Kenya offers them an opportunity to earn some money suddenly they forget everything they have been saying about Kenya. They oversubscribe.
You see only foolish Kenyans think Kenya is a sh*thole country.

He shouldn’t have sold that station to them. He had something good going.

But is this the first time we see a rise in debt. Kenya and Africa went through the same before and we pulled through without debt relief like most states. However, unsustainable borrowing will just slow us down. The key word is achieving balance.

True least development countries got full debt relief in the 90’s - 2000’s. Kenya wasn’t one of them. Ironically since our debt repayment record was perfect, then we didn’t qualify. However we can start talks for some form of debt relief (especially historical loans under Nyayo) or reschedule them. However it depends on what our counter offers are. They nations would wish to get more contracts to their home companies to approve debt forgiveness or right off. However its not impossible just a little hard but their many prominent firms who specialize on this. We can start with our best development partner China.