Jubilee Dev - Lamu Port 1st Modern Berth is due for completion mid 2018 - Lapsset

This project is 100% fully funded by Jubilee Government. The 3 new modern berths of Lamu port when completed will allow post panama ships to dock and open a second transport corridor in Kenya. Once completed the construction of the rest of Lamu Port 32 berths can proceed by Private, Public Partnership. CCCC of China is on schedule and working 24/7.
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Jubilee Hoiyeee

Too slow!

Do you have the schedule?


very nice



Mbona wamejenga kwa sand ya beach. Ama naona zangu

That’s not the beach, the sand goes on further into the mainland.

Forest and fertile land around lamu should be conserved. It’s high time government should be working for a 100yr master plan and not wait till 50 by 100 plot adverts come calling

True, it has already been done. After ministry of lands revoked all those 500000 acres land allocations, a lappset corridor was established. In some areas its 1 kilometer wide to provide room for future expansions. The Lamu master plan is complete, designed by a joint Kenyan-uk firm. Right now NLC has already acquired 97% of that corridor which was communal land, they are now discussing compensation projects like schools/hospitals/water. 3% is private property which will be negotiated individually.

Have you guys ever witnessed a Post Panamax/New Panamax ship docking? Those things are behemoths of the sea. It’s a site to see that something so massive can be built by human beings. I can imagine they’ll get even bigger… Kenya by now should be owning its own fleet of Cargo ships.