Jubilee Dev - Kshs 29.5 Billion for Free secondary Program is released to schools

GoK has released Sh29.5bn for free secondary education and Sh7.5bn for supply of text books in primary and secondary schools. Government subsidizing fee for boarding schools while in day schools, parents will only be required to pay for meals. New curriculum rolling out is immediately.

Election pledge no. 1 has been fulfilled.



For the thirteenth time now

Wanafunzi wasome

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If you have worked closely with the Government you already know that that money has not been been released. That is why being a blogger who peddles propaganda is a difficult job.

Hizi shule are very tricky motherfuckers. When I was in High school used to pay around 12,000(Tuition & Lunch) for the whole year in a good public school. Now that school fees are free nashanga nimeskia my bro has been sent home for meal money of 10, 000 in the first day of school!!. Ngombe meffi wao.

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