Jubilee Dev - Kshs 16.4 Billion Upgrading of James Gichuru Junction to Rironi to Superhighway.

KeNHA BoD & Management inspected ongoing Rehabilitation & Capacity Enhancement of James Gichuru Junction-Rironi (A8) Highway, financed by GoK & World Bank at a cost of Ksh. 16.4 Billion. Bus Rapid Transit Lane from James Gichuru Junction- Uthiru will be incorporated.


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[SIZE=7]Bus Rapid Transit Lane from James Gichuru Junction- Uthiru will be incorporated.

[SIZE=5]where is this headed to?[/SIZE][/SIZE]

[SIZE=7][SIZE=5]BRT line in a rich neighborhood and headed nowhere?[/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=7][SIZE=5]This might turn out to be like pedestrian lanes which are usually included in designs but are never implemented.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

Inaenda uthiru.

@spear now that you seem to be a well informed jamaa with regards to ongoing road construction projects, could you please update me about the progress in regards to planned pavement of Kitale-Suam-Kapchorwa road? Construction was to start October 2017 na mpaka leo contractor hajaonekana yawa! I’ve got some strategic interest along that road, that’s why I’m itching to know. :rolleyes:

When was it launched ? Before election .
When was it to start? October after election.
I rest my case

Of course due to the November rerun elections all ongoing projects or announced projects slowed down or were halted. Treasury had to prioritise the 13 billion rerun. Expect it to start sometime after Q2 2018. After that give the contractor the mandatory 3 months to get all statutory certificates/licences locally from counties, mobilize equipments at site, hire local staff for manual work, conduct mandatory public participation meetings and finally move materials on site to begin work.

@spear, why has outering road taken forever to complete. And secondly, due to lack of PSV stages, matatu block traffic to pick and drop passengers.
The feeder roads have fallen back in construction so matatu use the high speed lane defeating the purpose of the grand project.

Wololo! I get it…but I’m still optimistic… Acha nisikie kutoka kwa insider @spear mwenyewe…

Sawa tu mkubwa :frowning:

Hawa maghasia si wangefikisha hii BRT kikuyu?

To be frank, forget about BRT, it wouldn’t be done. The current matatu industry will be reformed to BRT standards. That BRT lane will most likely be taken up by commuter light train service which is placed as priority as alternative public transport network to complement road. It will have a station in Kikuyu.

Good questions.
This is one reason why the informational posts are important, people can make comments on issues.

All roads need to incorporate into the road designs PSVs stop points, especially where roads pass near or through residential areas; to avoid PSVs stopping haphazardly.

Also device a method to stop Matatus from turning existing Bus stops into a Matatu assembly points, they become unnecessary obstruction which restrict the free flow of traffic.


Habari ndio hiyo

waaache upus BRT chieth…with our culture brt will be a nightmare, light rail kama ile ya pale uhabeshi inaweza saaana

Endelea na kazi yako mzuri of keeping us informed na usikubali kutishwa na @MANKY