Jubilee Dev - Kshs 14.82 Billion Mwache Dam Kwale county & Kshs 8.6 Billion LVWS Dam Kisumu county

I await the opposition supporters to say this loans and therefore the projects should be scrapped. :D:D:D:DMaendeleo Kenya Nzima. This projects will provide water to Kwale, Taveta, Mombasa, Kilifi & Kisumu, Kericho, Homa bay and Migori counties. This will go a long way to fulfill Jubilee government manifesto of providing reliable clean water and irrigation projects in all 47 counties.

The National Treasury Kenya Cabinet Secretary Mr. Henry Rotich together with Mr. Antoine Sivan, the Ambassador of France in Kenya and Mr. Jean-Pierre Marcelli of AFD today signed Letters of Intent for Mwache Dam Project (Ksh. 14.82 billion) in Mombasa and Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Project (Ksh. 8.6 billion) in Kisumu city at the Treasury Building.
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The proposed Mwache Dam in Kwale.
[SIZE=6]Sh20billion multipurpose dam control the annual floods in Kisumu[/SIZE]
Apr. 28, 2016, 5:00 am
By MAURICE ALAL @alalmaurice
The National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation will build a Sh20 billion multipurpose dam between Kericho and Kisumu counties. The Soin-Koru dam water project will help control annual floods which occur when the Nyando River overflows.
Managing director Andrew Wanyonyi said the project is expected to start in October after the ongoing public participation ends. Wanyonyi and board director Alome Achayo spoke in Kisumu town as they collected views from Koru residents. Alome said 326 parcels of land will be affected - 110 in Kericho and 206 in Kisumu. All the land is 2,500 acres. She said parcels to be acquired have already been published in the Kenya Gazette. Achayo said two learning institutions and several markets will be moved.
She said Sh18 billion will be pumped into the project, Sh2billion for compensation.

“We have already disbursed Sh470 million to the National Land Commission to start compensating affected families,” Wanyonyi said.

The dam, whose capacity is 93.7 million cubic metres, will be constructed on 2,500 acres to serve 1.8 million people.
It will be along the River Nyando, five kilometres upstream from Muhoroni town. The proposed position for embankment is the slopes of Got Alila Hill in Muhoroni and slopes of Koitatui Hill in Soin. Wanyonyi said the treated water will flow by gravity. Areas to be supplied include Muhoroni, Koitaburot, Koru, Chemelil, Awasi, Miwani, Ahero, Rabuor, Riat Technical College and Mamboleo.Wanyonyi said: “Thousands of Kisumu and Kericho residents will use the water for irrigation, hydro-power generation and drinking.”
Kisumu city, Ahero, Chemelil, Miwani and Awasi towns will be the major beneficiaries

We need you on that thread of mworia and stop giving it a wide berth sir.

Deflection tings .

hahaha shida sio Loans, shida ni inability to pay existing loans whilst going for “top-up” loans.

Pia anyone questioning our debt sustainability haimaanishi yeye ni opposition ama anti-development.

Hehe spear bana reasoning yako at-times huwa defeatist.

guys discussing debt agenda & suddenly “opposition areas” are “given some project” hehe the timing is impeccable.


Kenya has never failed to pay its loans ever. So what do you base your argument on???Political leaning:D:D:D:D:D:D:DDislike of the current government. Boss majority of Kenyans like me don’t take part in daily rants, winning and complaining as a national sport. Hapa ni wira-kazi tu, Maendeleo na positivity. After all mlipiga kelele since 2013 mpaka Leo and life has moved on well each day.

Is it development or regress:D:D:D

A dam project is done in a few days, weeks or months according to you??? This projects has been in the works for years. Its only this government that has secure finances for it. Kama mtaki rusha mawe. Another 10 such projects are coming up in other areas. Priority can shift there as you complain.

Then why go for Eurobond II despite shortfalls experienced in Eurobond I ?..Historically it has been proven IMF/WB would rather debtors not repay its loans but hold them by the balls for years on end (look at Moi regime from mid 80s vile IMF walimkalia chapati for over 20yrs & copper bubble in Zambia and subsequent IMF/WB “intervention” kept them down for years).

Lol mimi niko politically neutral, I neither support UhuRuto/RaiLonzo. I consider myself objective, lakini you refuse to acknowledge Jubilee/govt failures.

Seriously though, hebu draft official response, urushe kwa ile discussion ingine, umengojewa saaana kama Guest of Honour.

There was a reason why this thread was created. Not to show Cowardice rather bravery in the name of “ni maendeleo that I’m focused on”

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: lol I’m questioning the timing of posting this particular update.
Though deep down I hope it takes off within time & budget. Itapunguza sana clashes between Ksm/Kco border communities over water sources, farming etc.


Malizia tano tena

What shortfalls in Eurobond 1? Ama uliona hiyo kwa shoshomedia. Explain hiyo kwanza coz its not my fancy to critics illusions of the mind. I’m too busy building the nation.

These are projects that have been going on. I believe Mwache is now on it’s 5th year…

Did the national treasury set up the information desk it promised Kenyans when it was brought to task to explain how Eurobond I expenditure ? I went there daily for 1week na response was always the same “wakubwa walitangaza tu kufunga watu macho”
I tried using other channels (official website/“friends” etc) to obtain official expenditure figures to no avail.

As a Kenyan tax payer I have every right to know public expenditure.

Also the govt being cagey about data for Eurobond I isn’t good for public faith.

You worry about useless things, are you that idle. I refuse to think like you since I don’t know how.

In 47 counties, only 20 counties have 50% of residents having reliable piped water. 10 other counties have 25% of their residents getting piped water and 17 other counties have little or no piped water. We have started with the 10 counties with less than 25% piped water since the impact and value for money will be highest. The bottom 17 counties don’t have piped water since they are in arid or semi arid regions and will need several mega dam projects to supply them. For the moment that can be done using PPP. They will also be covered by boreholes until the agreements and build is done.

When did treasury promise to do that? I believe all accounts are audited by Auditor General and PAC. Sasa hii desk yako ilitoka wapi? Mharo news ama.:D:D:D:D. You are making things up as you go along. Ati niingie Treasury niulize desk ya sijui kazi ngani:D:D:D you are funny.

Napita tu:D:D:D

@pamba, hii lunchtime haifiki bana

Wacha nitafute mbichas tukule nyama