Jubilee Dev - KPA Kilindini new second container terminal gets new equipments including cranes

The Port of Mombasa would receive new equipments today to boost the existing equipment which will likely going to increase its efficient levels. The equipment will be off-loaded at the new Second container Terminal .



Wewe mkundu chafu hujaacha kujazia sisi meffi ya jubilee propaganda? Sahii dumbhead governor sonko, the one and only, for whom you publicize poor quality tarmacking of nairobi roads plans to take 300 nincompoops to rwanda for benchmarking. I am wondering if he plans to buy them brains while there.

If you can reach him, tell him to do the following:

  1. Install smart traffic lights within CBD and ensure they have 99.99% uptime and that no traffic cops or traffic marshals ever direct traffic (only to enforce obedience to traffic lights)
  2. Ensure that bus stages along major highways are expanded and no picking and dropping passengers haphazardly along the way
  3. Remove bodabodas from the CBD as per the court rulling back in March
  4. To man up and stand up to matatu cartels and not be a pussy.


update ya Lamu port?is it still due in June?

First berth will be ready in June. The other 2 by 2019.