Jubilee Dev - Ketraco 440 KVA Loiyangalani-Suswa Transmission line that connects cheap Ethiopian power to the national grid


Tower correction works at Survey area, Rumuruti, to ensure the Loiyangalani -Suswa line is ready for wind power evacuation.



Ongoing stringing works at towers 423-449. The 430km 400kV will evacuate electricity from the 300MW Lake Turkana Wind Power plant in Loiyangalani and connect to the #NationalGrid


Suswa Converter station is taking shape. Once complete, the station will step down voltage from the Ethiopia - Kenya Converter Station 400kV AC switchyard to the existing 220kV Suswa substation thus allowing power to flow to Nairobi, Mombasa, Tanzania and Lessos.



Korapshon is evil.

izo chuma kuna jamaa aliniibia,

Has Turkana Wind Power being plugged into the grid?

Not yet this will facilitate that but also I understand they haven’t reached the full 350MW capacity they claim. Its 200MW. Contractor is on course for the agreed deadline to complete the work for its power evacuation.