Jubilee Dev - Garissa county gets its first, six bed ICU unit

The Garissa General Hospital in Garissa County has become the first County government hospital in the Northern region to operate a fully functional ICU unit through the leased medical equipment project. ICU patients were always transfered to the capital city Nairobi, a distance of over 360 KM and 5 to 7 hours drive. The hospital CEO Mr Salah Dakane, said this will not only save on the cost but the great inconvenience the patients undergo travelling to the capital city. This has come about after the administration fasttracked the launch of the unit. Speaking to the media, the first patient to benefit from the ICU unit, Mrs Amran Qasim, who was transfered from Masalani sub-county after a suspected pre-eclampsia praised the setting up of the unit and the bringing of services closer to the people. Her dad who thanked Allah for the service said transfering her to Nairobi would have been an inconvenience and costly which he could not afford.