Jubilee Dev - Dualling of Northern Bypass awarded next up is Eastern Bypass

[SIZE=6]Chinese firm wins Ruaka to Ruiru bypass tender[/SIZE]
TUESDAY, JANUARY 30, 2018 21:53
Work is set to begin on the Northern Bypass, which stretches from Ruaka trading centre along Limuru Road to Ruiru, after the government handed the contract to a Chinese firm. Transport and Infrastructure secretary James Macharia, in an interview on Tuesday, said the ministry has signed a commercial agreement with Sinohydro Limited, a Chinese state-owned hydropower engineering and construction firm paving the way for financing plans for the 31-kilometre project. The multi-billion shillings road is one of the government’s major infrastructure projects aimed at making the country a regional investment hub.

“We have entered into a commercial agreement with Sinohydro as part of a wider plan for the dualling of the Northern Bypass,” said Mr Macharia in a telephone interview. “We are looking forward to getting funds from prospective financiers. We hope the project together with the Eastern Bypass construction will cost between Sh30 billion and Sh40 billion. This should be sorted out in the next three months after which construction works will start in the next four months.”

Mr Macharia said the scope of the work will involve construction of interchanges and flyovers, box culverts, and standard-size culverts. The dualling of the road is expected to take about two years once it is commissioned. Once complete, the Northern Bypass will be wide enough to accommodate two heavy commercial vehicles going opposite directions. The dualling of the road is part of 11 infrastructure projects showcased by the Kenyan government delegation to international investors during the two-day Belt and Road Forum for International Co-operation in Beijing, China last May.

They should have started with the stretch from embakasi to ruiru

That’s the Eastern bypass…

It still needs more attention than the Nothern. Considering the number of trucks on that route and as an alternate route to the airport, this should have the priority

As per mod above. But that road is hell when the jam begins

Nothern bypass is rarely troublesome

They should have done both as dual carriage-ways when they were initially constructed.

Only at night especially weekends when everyone with a 1500cc car thinks they are driving a Bugatti.
Lakini Easter bypass should have been given priority.

The traffic numbers count at the time didn’t support that assumption. Once it was built people bought land and quickly developed them to residential homes/flats. With that lesson the southern bypass was done differently, it was dualled with no matatu stages.

If people also read the article well. Northern bypass dialling had been awarded, it moves to financial agreement. In 3 months Eastern bypass will also be awarded. In short both will almost be constructed at the same time.

Myopic planners.

That’s why from now on, projects should be done while looking at settlement or economic trends ten years ahead. It can save the government a lot of cash.

True, but also pressure from competing other project needs forces government hand on some issues. In this case for former President Kibaki to spend another 30 billion in Nairobi bypasses roads after 30 billion Thika superhighway would have led to more protest of favouritism to the region.

Ingefika 30 billion kweli? Sidhani. But I get your point.

That mean I should get my shepart another home during the construction time

What issue is the construction of this road meant to solve?

whats happens to the current bypass as it is? itabomolew" ama dualing will be just an additional wing

I agree. Feasibility study was never conducted before initial construction.

Masonko kama kirubi and his two rivers ndio husema kwanza.

mjamaa si uambie mkubwa hata hio stretch kutoka gigiri, past ruaka to limuru iguzwe. I mentioned it in another thread. It’s forever full of potholes.

as the first bypass, they could have failed to see its popularity shooting as it did. hata mimi i was surprised. as was my bank account :cool: