Jubilee Dev - Construction of Ultra Modern Ngong Market commences

The ultra-modern Ngong market is estimated to accommodate over 2000 traders.Our traders will get modern facilities to carryout their businesses in a more safe,secure and dignified market infrastructure. @namsipke @TransportKE https://t.co/5GxCa1Ytyr

Sasa hii ndio maendeleo tunayo taka.

Mimi ningeulizwa ningesema zijengwe kama malls. Yuuuge 24 hour malls with parking. Lakini sijaulizwa.

Wacha tuone za Gathecha.

Kenyans in cities are already used to malls. Some even shop for veggies in supermarkets. You can’t go below that level of expectation.

Najua mwenye hiyo flat hapo ameboeka yake yote,

ehh its about time ,the current market location is next to the road na kunakuwaga jam ya upuzi sana during evening,…but next to the market and adjacent stadium theres an eyesore in the name of a hill of garbage and refuse,…the county needs to relocate that dump site like yesterday.

I have just one problem, once markets like these are put up, any street side vibandas should be demolished and people forced to operate from the market only.
We need some sort of order not having vibandas and kiosks on every corner of the street .

some 1B was set aside for that but kuna issues na shamba, my sympathy is to the traders nani atatoka penye ako aende soko na huko stadium na stage vile iko mbali na hapo, hio location is a big no

That is what counties are doing right now. There are those markets which were biult when Uhuru was Deputy Prime Minister/Min. for finance under the Economic Stimulus Package. The markets were completed and now you are not allowed to sell outside the market.

ngong is a disaster ,hio soko na stage separation is a great idea ,mtu anapatanga jam Kali Sana as you go toward kibiko au matasia areas na hio daraja ya pale bulbul mutajenga lini hio mutetemuko Ni dangerous sana