Jubilee Dev-Construction of Mombasa-Mariakani A8 Highway

Friday 11th May 2018


In line with the Government’s commitment to improve road infrastructure and remove non-tariff barriers, an impediment to the facilitation of faster movement of goods and services; the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) embarked on an ambitious infrastructure project in Mombasa to expand the current single 2- way roadway to a dual carriageway with 6 lanes from Mombasa (Digo Road) to Kwa Jomvu a section of Mombasa – Mariakani Highway in 2017. The project is co-financed by Government of Kenya and the African Development Bank (AfDB) at a cost of Kshs. 6.1 Billion. The Third Engineering Bureau of China City Construction Group Co. Ltd is implementing the road works under the supervision of the Kenya National Highways Authority.

Once the Mombasa – Mariakani Highway project is completed, it will complement the Port Reitz – Moi International Airport Access Road and the upcoming dualling of Magongo Road as well as the Mombasa Southern Bypass (Dongo Kundu Bypass). These projects will positively revolutionize and transform the economic competitiveness of Mombasa and the neighboring counties and countries. Dualling of the approximately 11.3 Km road, a section of Mombasa – Mariakani will provide access to the Port of Mombasa and facilitates freight transport originating or destined for Nairobi and other inland regional cities of countries in East and Central Africa connected by the Northern Corridor.

Socio-economic development and subsequent economic growth of any nation is strongly linked to good road network infrastructure. Lack of adequate road infrastructure is one of the major factors hampering development in Mombasa and the Coastal region at large, this goes further to be an impediment to the landlocked countries in the East and Central African region that rely on the Port of Mombasa.
Poor access road network has been a non-tariff barrier and an impediment to the facilitation of faster movement of goods and services. Dualling of Mombasa – Mariakani road will transform, revolutionize and influence the social economic progress of the entire region once completed.


~Expansion of the current single 2-way roadway to a dual carriageway with 6 lanes from Mombasa to Kwa Jomvu

~Three (3) Grade separated intersections at
Changamwe, Mikindani junction, and Kwa Jomvu

~Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) network, and adjacent truck parking areas including service lanes to improve accessibility to surrounding business areas and to Port related activity centers such as Container Freight Stations (CFS) located along this section of the road


The procurement process is ongoing and contract for the road works to be awarded soon.


Perhaps it will be heaven when all this gets done. Right now we’re living in hell and it looks like we’re gonna be here for the best part of eternity!

Mud, traffic jam and dust… God help us!

The mandatory public participation meetings before and during construction. Attendance is poor as usual as their more officials than citizens. When the earth movers show up, ### fly and the press is their to give gossip of the situation rather than facts.

Like you people listen to any contribution from paupers! Besides hao watu umetaja huwa wanalipwa kuhudhuria, au sio?

The infrastructure development is brilliant, however the development needs to go shoulder to shoulder with people development to make it sustainable, unlocking not only landlocked counties, but the bottleneck of local creativity and the mind. President Moi developed a good road network in sections of the Rift valley, an area surrounded by natural resources, it did not impact any aspects of human development. Instead of developing the traditional skills, polishing the abundant resources found in the Rift valley, they polished and sharpened arrows to kill, in the meantime the resources were being stolen channelled through the North corridor via Sudan to India, China etc denying the country thousands of Jobs and Income.

Natural resources in the Rift valley, especially the natural stones, granite’s etc, could create over 20,000 thousand jobs. The income can match that of tourism. Nakuru industries get a new lease of life. Further, we don’t finish the roads properly yet with have the natural resource to do so, once the builders have finished another party should move in and finalise.

Exportable products via the new infrastructure.


I thought an American company was doing the construction au walinyimwa. Anyway good thing Americans won’t build it.

That one is different. It will run parallel to the current highway.

Is it true mikindani road will be closed?