Jubilee Dev - Construction of 5.2 Kms Kisii Bypass road

In a bid to provide better and quality Urban Road Network we have started the construction of 5.2 km Kisii Bypass Phase I that starts from Gudka Mall running through Nyanchwa Estate up to St .Stephen Hotel along Migori Road. @TransportKE @kisiicountygove @KisiiCountyGov

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nice, but I wish the governments can sort out the water issue, I can see ladies ferrying water on their heads using buckets, this looks like an area with good amounts of rainfall , also the hilly terrain might provide a good set up for dams.

At least give a report on who are the contractors and tenderpreneurs for these projects so that we know who is making money where and how many contracts they hold. THESE DEVELOPMENTS ARE THE NEW AVENUES OF CORRUPTION…
In the grand scheme of things, these projects siphon away millions into individuals pockets whilst impoverishing populations. The opportunity cost is high.

I think the link goes to the kura twiter page, and looking at their website they have listing of tenders and details of ongoing projects, the people wh build the roads do it to get paid, as long as they do a good job I don’t see how that will impoverish the population.

Simple explanation;
Step 1: Tenderprenuer develops a master-list of pending roads for development
Step 2: Tenderprenuer uses a mix of threats, intimidation, promises, corruption and charisma to get those in charge to fund selected projects based on priority.
Step 3: Project awarded to a contractor chosen by the tenderprenuer…
Step 4: Contractor given express instruction to forward 10% of the project money + funds intended for pedestrian walkways and cycling lanes to the tenderprenuer
Step 5: Tenderprenuer receives his cut and disburses payments to individuals involved in step 2
Step 6: Rinse and repeat

People are impoverished by these types of projects. Government funds are channeled to people’s pockets instead of improving people’s lives. Roads that were supposed to last generations only serve a few years before they are completely unusable.