Jubilee Dev - Construction Launch of Wangige-Kirangari & Kimende-Ruiru River Roads in Kiambu County

A functioning infrastructure is a magnet for local and foreign investors; technology transfer; job creation, economic growth and provides room for businesses to pursue product diversification and explore new markets.

During the launch of the Wangige- Nyathuna- Rironi/Kirangari Roads and the Kimende- Kagwe- Ruiru River Road, Kiambu County.


is this about the “numbers” ama barabara?,ju siioni in as much as you do take ground level of roads in repair .Ruto is pulling in crowds…i see what you did there;);):wink:

Tano toa


I got lost at night ,between Kimende and Kagwe @10pm.
Niliona fog huko,upto 2am !

Wacha kutubeba macodofea. Kenya petrol 127