Jubilee Dev - Commissioning of the New KCC Sotik milk plant in Bomet County

I am pleased to commission the modernized New KCC Sotik milk plant in Bomet. The new production line will undoubtedly turn around the fortunes of milk farmers within the region and will also enhance 2 pillars of the #Big4Agenda; #FoodSecurity and #Manufacturing. The days when milk produced by farmers went to waste due to lack of a market will be a thing of the past since the refurbished Sotik milk plant now has the capacity to convert milk into powder and later on reconstitute it into long shelf-life milk.


Tunaomba serikali wachunge wale cartels wa mahindi wasiingie humu tumetorokea

your camera wasnt good this time round, this must be an 8 megapixel camera

nawaje miritini sasa, the KCC plant there needs modernisation too

Maziwa ya K C C eeeeeee
Maziwa ni bora kwa watoto na watu wazima

Can they please also Modernize London Distillers? Kuna shortage ya Napoleon Brandy Kayole

We saw this in the news yesterday but it is still a good project by the govt