Jubilee Dev - Commissioning of Laisamis Technical Training Institute (TTI), Marsabit County.

Gaining skills and competencies extends opportunities for a wide range of career choices. Qualified persons command a higher demand in the employment market resulting in job mobility and satisfaction. That is why we are investing in technical education and training to develop and transform lives; make the youth competitive and secure the country’s present and future.

At the opening of the Laisamis Technical Training Institute (TTI), Marsabit County.


out of topic lakini i must ask juu hii story iliniuma sana

whats your take on KNH having only 31 ICU beds? if something bad happens tuseme a bomb-blast or something similar and people affected need to be under ICU, what will happen? hio 10m ilinunua ngombe ata kaa ingeongezea bed mbili si ingesaidia uma, ongea na watu wako this country went to the dogs along time ago