Jubilee Dev - Commissioning of Kshs 500m Terem-Chwele-Nalondo Water Supply Project in Terem Bungoma County

Access to clean drinking water ensures improved public health and better sanitation. It eases the burden of water gatherers, especially women and children; allows them to concentrate on productive activities, which enhances the economic situation of households.

During the launch of the Sh500m Terem-Chwele-Nalondo Water Supply Project, which will benefit 8,000 households, Terem, Bungoma County.

Looks like Weta has been fished

Weta has quit opposition and so has khalwale strange enough. It all started with picking committee members in Parliament. odm simply took the best of what was left and ignored ford kenya, anc in western. Even wiper had to protest to get something. Then the deceit during the joke that was RAT swearing in where they were lied to stay away and switch their phones so as to be called traitors. In the next meeting at maanzoni weta refused to shake RAT hand until he explains in the himself in the meeting. odm mpsled by hoho insulted him and he walked out. Since then he has been lukewarm to opposition. Last week odm dramatics to remove both ford Kenya and and members from house committee was the final straw. Although they can delay it, the split in western is now permanent. Only madvd still dreams of RAT keeping his promise to him as opposition candidate in 2022. However Gov. Oparanya, hoho also expect the same promise fulfilled. watermelon is still waiting for the same for 12 years going to 15 years. Weta has asked government to fulfill its election promise to the region and he will shift to join DP Uncle Ruto in 2022.