Jubilee Dev- Bechtel USA to build Kenyan 1st Private Road Mombasa to Nairobi Express Highway


Formal signing of the Commercial Agreement with Messrs. Bechtel International Inc. of San-Francisco, USA (Bechtel), Cc: @Bechtel https://t.co/xIU3NYTOSE

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They would have been given a short stretch first like nrb- nkr we see their workmanship. Mombasa route has already been decongested even if we have minor challenges with the SGR…lakini its a good idea by the dynamic duo so that we don’t see someone coming to say it was his plan when the project is complete… Summary…

Hapo sawa

I agree with you, with a functional SGR this highway is not necessary. Might even lead to sabotage of the SGR to get traffic. That investment should go into power generation, oil pipeline, Lamu port or industrial parks.

Since Betchel is funding it from their own pocket, let them do it. They can still bid for power and industrial parks as well.

hata kama we want maendeleo in our country, I disapprove of this project.

This is good, @spear

In truth, Uhuru without Ruto, angeigia without a single poster, tshirt or whatever

Still @Bingwa Scrotum

Asante Bingwa.

I respect you decision.

Nairobi-Mombasa route has about 10,000 trucks a day. SGR will only take out 4,000 trucks off the route.

Goodstuff. Vision2030 tunasija!.. someone should tell the governors and MCAs the innercity and town roads are also important wazishughulikie vilivyo. Otherwise RWNEBP.

angeingia wapi Na kura za RV ni backbone ya Jubilee?

The SGR will rake in massive revenues in the 6-year construction period of this project

This seems like a good idea. Finally a well built road. I am sure it will encourage more business at the port especially now it is being expandend to handle more cargo. God bless kenya

Bechtel? The diary of an economic hitman anyone?

A country that kills its best doesnt deserve blessings. So spare us the pretentious cliche and dense thoughts

Na uoge

They have a “history”

I approve the project, by the time it’s complete cargo capacity at Mombasa will have increased. The SGR will only handle a fraction leaving the reat to trucks

this is the cost Kenyans will pay for securing the dynamic duo from the Hague. Economic hitmen. already China inatufinya makende, mzungu ndo huyo anadai kutufira, your children will weep

The history of Bechtel is my only worry. There has to be something wrong somewhere. Was this project secured through a tender ama ni job walijitafutia?