Jubilee Dev - 3 Lanes dual 42 Kms Mariakani to Mombasa CBD road construction update

It seems a lot of this road section will have cement roads.

Mbagathi road was a test on use of concrete and a successful one for that matter. Why wasn’t it replicated anywhere else. That road has gone for years without potholes

kuna ingine pale limuru was a test on Cabro works… tangu 90s zero potholes

Compared to tarmac,concrete roads are damn costly

That mbagathi road 2Km road costed 400 million and all that cement was donated. 400 million in the 90’s was a lot of money and it was subject of ridicule in parliament. RAT as roads minister and Langata MP alishiba kabisa.

I’d imagine for this stretch it is cost-effective to do concrete on some sections, especially the hills. Vile the heavy trucks and heat combine this road section was just full of major ruts.

@spear, Swali tu. How much is the Bechtel highway? How long is it?

best option for areas prone to flooding. on the old malindi rd along kisauni bamburi we have concrete sections zile hazijawai fanywa repair and it been over 10 yrs, the tarmac sections are redone every two yrs or so

in the long run (miaka 50 hivi) the concrete rd is cheaper.

460 kms.
ya pesa sijui

That project will never take off, its $3 billion or Kshs 300 billion. Initially at the technical signing it was PPP where they would build it at their own finances. At the financial signing they shifted position saying usa exim bank will provide the 300 billion to us to pay for the road. KeNHA and Treasury refused. One minute the imf, world bank and the west is complaining of us taking loans from China and in the next meeting its pushing us to take its own loan for a project by one of their own in the bottom of the priority list. President Uhuru has even asked China to split SGR phase 2B to be 190 billion part grant and 190 billion part loan and its at the top of priority. The other 110 billion can do North coast bypass, Lake Victoria 5 counties bypass, North-Eastern bypass dualling, Thika road to Muranga and Kirinyaga dualling. Etc.

looks like this is changamwe round about,
if you miss the changamwe exit while coming from mikundani utakuja mpaka town ndio ugeuke urudi

I think you meant concrete is cheaper in the long run because it requires minimal maintenance and repairs.

exactly, thanks for correction.
tuma paybill

:D:D:D:D:DWhere is Mikundani??Its Mikindani.
Anyway,you will have to go all the way to Makupa Roundabout then you can go back.

Hapa ni Kenya for real?

@spear ,how is the current progress of Kibwezi - Kitui Rd being undertaken by Sinohydro?

There are so many ongoing projects mpaka our national budget is very tight. Roads alone is Kshs 150 billion or $1.5 billion. That will increase to 200 billion next budget when all the PPP investor private tolled roads get all approvals. The idea is that by 2030 you can travel from any town at any end of Kenya to the any other far town in the opposite end of the country in hrs not days.

in two yrs msa will be like that, kuingia itakua nyweeeeeeee.
soon we are saying gdbye to the kibarani jams


You have reminded me that their is another international road construction ongoing. Kibwezi-Kitui-Garissa. In March 2018 we got this great report that the contractor Sinohydro is proceeding at pace with its construction. However they stopped after the extreme long rains period between March to July that caused floods in the whole region.

[SIZE=6]Joy as Kitui South residents get first tarmac road[/SIZE]

The Kibwezi-Kitui road project cuts across eight other constituencies. PHOTO | KITAVI MUTUA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Residents of Kitui South are celebrating after the constituency got its first inch of tarmac road since Independence. The Kibwezi-Kitui road project, whose construction was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta in December 2016, finally crossed the border of Makueni and Kitui counties at Athi Market last week, triggering celebrations among the locals.


Until the milestone for the international trunk highway was achieved, the constituency did not have any tarmac road and residents have waited 55 years to see one. The Kshs 18.4 billion road project, which cuts across eight other constituencies, is situated in lower eastern region, starting at the junction of the Nairobi-Mombasa road near Kibwezi Town. It runs northward via Ikutha, Mutomo, Kitui, Kabati and ends at Migwani. Kitui South residents were ecstatic because, they said, they felt successive governments had marginalised the area for decades by failing to develop its infrastructure.

Kitui South MP Rachael Kaki Nyamai, who toured the road section, said residents were happy with the progress of the project and grateful to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration for keeping his campaign pledge to tarmac the road.

“We are happy that this important infrastructure development is happening in our time because it will open Kitui South to the world,” the MP told journalists after taking a 1km walk along the new highway near Athi Market.

Ms Nyamai said once complete, the upgrading of the road to bitumen standard would facilitate faster movement of goods and services and unlock the economic potential of Makueni and Kitui counties.

“This road will enhance trade, especially transportation of agricultural produce in the region, by serving the surrounding towns more efficiently and also boost tourism in Tsavo East National Park and Kitui South Game Reserve, exploitation of coal deposits at Mui Basin, limestone mining at Mutomo and iron ore at Ikutha,” she said.

The MP said the project was the Jubilee administration’s number one pledge to the Kamba community and urged the contractor Sinohydro Corporation to complete it within the stipulated timelines. According to a progress report by the Kenya National Highways Authority seen by the Nation, major works have been undertaken including site clearance, top soil stripping, earthworks and improved subgrade. The status report released by Kenha Director General Eng Peter Mundinia says the ambitious project to upgrade Kibwezi-Kitui-Kabati-Migwani road was on course and would be delivered within the set period of 42 months.

“The road is expected to offer alternative route from the Port of Mombasa to the Lower, Upper Eastern Regions and Ethiopia hence, decongesting the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway and improve the economic competitiveness of lower eastern counties,” the report states. The road forms part of the larger Mombasa-Addis Ababa Transport Corridor that links the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway (A8) at Kibwezi and the Nairobi-Addis Ababa Highway (A2) at Isiolo. It is an alternative shorter route to Moyale and ultimately Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“The traffic to these areas from Mombasa will avoid going through Nairobi once the entire stretch to Isiolo via Mwingi and Mikinduri to join the Meru-Maua Road at Muriri is upgraded to bitumen standard,” said the report. The project suffered initial setbacks until the government provided its full share of the Sh840 million payable to the contractor. The Export Import (Exim) Bank in China had insisted on the government paying its portion in full as a pre-condition to releasing their component of the loan. In September 2016, the government agreed with Sinohydro contractors on a revised scope of works in which the length of road to be constructed increased to 192km for the same.

Thanks for this update. Such paramount roads should have been undertaken during Nyayo era.