Jubilee Dev- 24 Billion Karimenu 2 Dam to supply water to Ruiru & Juja Areas

Construction of Karimenu II Dam will cost Sh24 billion. Dam stats:
•59m height
•26.5million cubic metres capacity
•Prodn of 70,000cubic m treated water per day to Ruiru (35,250 cubic m), Juja (11,750 cubic m) & Nairobi (23,000 cubic m)
@EugeneLWamalwa @AthiWater @Eng_Thuita https://t.co/DponIDSmFk
At the Karimenu II Dam brief in Gatundu North. The construction of this dam, across Karimenu River will supplement water supply to Ruiru and Juja towns and their environs. The dam construction is expected to be complete by Dec 2020 @EugeneLWamalwa @AthiWater @Eng_Thuita https://t.co/s2cRMq8LV0
Karimenu II Dam has 3 components…
•The Dam
•Water treatment plant with a capacity of 70,000 cubic metres per day.
•67kms of raw and treated water pipeline. Two terminal tanks will be constructed in Ruiru (23,500m3) and Juja (3,000m3) @EugeneLWamalwa @AthiWater @Eng_Thuita https://t.co/OBG2mCImYC
Resettlement Action Plan (RAP): @AthiWater Board has received Sh400m towards payment of crops, land structures and disturbance of Projected Affected Persons. 118 farmers will be compensated today @EugeneLWamalwa @Eng_Thuita https://t.co/KjnBIOOo2g
“Karimenu II Dam will occupy about 600 acres and we will ensure all Project Affected Persons are adequately compensated” - CS @EugeneLWamalwa https://t.co/yMPyqqYV8h [ATTACH=full]143030[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143031[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143032[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143033[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143034[/ATTACH]


this is the kind of news we need allover the country. at this rate, people will now be able to concentrate on nation building


Unfortunately these kind of projects are the ones that create wealth disparity.

  1. Most people who will be paid millions as compensation for acquisition of land/property will be broke in roughly 5 years. Their children will inherit poverty.
  2. The biggest beneficiaries of these projects are tenderpreneurs who will charge an arm for this. A new billionaire will be made: blame it on govt procurement procedures
  3. The cost of water supply within Ruiru, Juja and environs will be more costly than it is right now.

So who is supposed to benefit from these projects? because the immediate beneficiary is not the local mwananchi. Without a doubt this will throttle water supply downstream as well. But who really GAF?

Commenced 1st Phase of resettlement compensation for118 farmers,GoK thro @AthiWater has issued Ksh400M towards compensation payment to PAPs https://t.co/vhqN3urZ8g
[ATTACH=full]143043[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143044[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143045[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143046[/ATTACH]

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So, according to you, that project is totally useless and should not be built? Or what exactly are you whining about?


I can see some very bitter naswa supporters. Lords of poverty

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Maendeleo Kenya nzima.

Karimenu 2 entails construction of a 59m height dam,26.5M cubic storage to produce 70million litres daily to Ruiru Juja,Nrb @AthiWater https://t.co/TpiMzjIQB2
[ATTACH=full]143056[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143057[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143058[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143059[/ATTACH]

watasema how comes ni central pekee, ile ya waiguru na hii? mbona western hakujengwi dams?

be that as it may the problem is kuna mtu tu hapo atakuwa ananyonga hii maji. Maji iko but they always figure out a way to create faux scarcity especially in the dry months.

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there’s a hydroelectric project in ethiopia called the gibe 3 dam that is apparently drying up lake turkana. some of the power will apparrntly be sold to kenya. I wonder what the Kenya govt. will do to rectify the lake turkana situation in case war breaks out between communities around the lake due to draught and there’s no lake.

the ethiopians also have a huge 250,000 acre sugar plantation in their foresights that might lower the waters of lake turkana even lower.

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The biggest issues with Western Kenya are
1.A topography that is not very condusive to dam
2.Due to 1 above,the lake formed behind it will be much much bigger meaning more people will be displaced,the last proposed project on the Nzoia River would have displaced 100,000 people
3.Political interference.This is a problem in the Rift Valley too.

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1.It did not happen with either Ndakaini or Sasumua Dams,why should it happen in this case?
2.Which tenderprenuer??The dam will be owned by the Athi Water Services Board
3.The cost of water will be CHEAPER because both towns will not be competing for water from Ruiru Dam with Nairobi abd resorting to boreholes in the dry season
4.The immediate beneficiary IS the Mwananchi because the dam will not only add an extra 23,000cubic metres to Nairobi,it will mean that Nairobi will no longer share water from Ndakaini and Ruiru Dams with the two towns and the two towns will never experience rationing again.
Your bitterness is showing dude.


You are doing a very good job, showing the good things GoK is doing. I wish there were more people doing this.


Asante sana.

Boss, don’t waste your time. The only problem here is that this great achievement is been carried out by UhuRuto.

Two weeks ago construction contract for Kshs 10 Billion R.Nzoia water, flood control and irrigation dam was signed.


Isn’t that western??!!!

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There was another one that was to be built in Bungoma in 2013,closer to where the Mt Elgon tributary is that would have generated hydropower.
It was shelved after it was estimated that 100,000 people would be displaced(the link says 60,000 but the final report projected up to 100,000)
A flood control and irrigation dam is similar to what is currently in place on rivers Thiba and Nyamindi in Kirinyaga.
They do not exactly form large lakes and can generate little electricity,if any at all.

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Men. You have info that even I don’t. Share kabisa. Going forward, I will be quoting and asking you a lot of questions.

100000 displaced people in western is a political and logistical minefield. It will also be costly. River Nzoia also flows to Lake Victoria so its restricted by that colonial treaty.

  1. You do not understand government procurement systems let me use the two examples you stated above.
    Sasumua dam was constructed under the colonial era: Solid construction and transparent tendering process… Ndakaini which is also managed by Athi Water Services Board was constructed in 1988 and the contractor was Strabag international funded by World Bank. Tenderpreneurs must have a field day in the construction of this new dam whether you like it or not.
  2. There are many factors that lead to water rationing you need to understand the hydrological cycle among other things before you can make sweeping statements.
  3. I would accept that the community will benefit if: relocated persons are given shared ownership of the project and a community trust is established to determine the best use of this resource in their context. Buying peoples shambas in this era is to condemn them to poverty!

1.Sasumua Dam of the colonial era is not the same Sasumua Dam of today, we spent over sh 10 billion on the new dam after the old dam breached earlier this decade. People were compensated and no one is below the poverty line in the region. You have not shown any evidence that people went into poverty after compensation for Ndakaini in 1988 or Sasumua in 2012
2. No, there aren’t .Ruiru and Juja barely have half a million people put together.So there is no danger for them to have water rationing, the fact that an extra 23,000 cubic metres will be allocated to Nairobi is a testament that they will have EXCESS water
3. Again, where has that happened in Central Kenya???Nothing of the sort has happened in all the dams built in the region. And there are plenty of small water dams all over

The 2013 one was more or less shelved because displacing 100,000 people.Ai!!
We have ignored that treaty before.Remember Sondu Miriu hydropower project?