Jubilee Dev - $145 million Guangdong Modern Silk Industrial Park at Pearl River SEZ in Eldoret

Well nobody is stopping anyone for doing another one in Kibwezi.

However this I’d DL - David Lagat initiative not Kibwezi. From 2013 to 2016 he sort out this investment and partners in China. He has the land and he put his own money as minority shareholder. Kibwana will need to do the same if they want another in Kibwezi. They don’t just come, you have to do the hard work to get investors onboard.

So David Lagat can manage to pull such a deal but our CS Munya is just there screwing businesses night and day .

This will play out very simply as seen many times before with past corrupt regimes. Uhuruto will demand their weekly or monthly cut and Chinaman will start refusing to give the cut because he will feel exploited. And then the fracas will start.

Will local farmers be able to sell there silk here also?


The reason why I am saying Kibwezi is because there is an actual railway which would mean evacuating hundreds of tonnes of goods in a day would not be a problem.
An industrial park relying on roads will always be limited in terms of size as roads can never be as efficient as rail in the delivery of raw materials and the evacuation of finisged goods.
Now it may be argued that there is a matre gauge rail in Eldoret, but that thing has had issues from the 1980s between Nairobi and Nakuru when it came to freight and they are dismantling the metre gauge railway between Nairobi and Mombasa, making it useless for direct evacuation of goods to Mombasa

Yes there is a SGR Railway in Kibwezi. Let them package that amongst other benefits and get other investors onboard. Let’s not be lazy. Let them learn from others success and do the same instead of hoping to take that away. The SEZ master plan envisioned one for every county.

This has gone to Eldoret because of the minority shareholder and other benefits as well. Not necessarily Eldoret MGR. The French three lane express road will be built from Rironi to Total. That’s just 60Km from Eldoret. They can truck the goods to Naivasha SGR station for onward transport to Mombasa. No one can bet on the MGR line since the source of information on its upgrade is very unreliable and sketchy at best. I wouldn’t trust any of that guesswork CS Macharia makes every week that completely contradictory.

this cs macharia guy is a nicampoop to say the least. Absolutely clueless

There are too many failed projects on that corridor, no one will bite the baited; the road show has moved further inland.

All these projects are actually a trap!!!, Meru rice, Silk, Cities etc at stake is the 10 000s of acreage, everyone with a scheme smart enough to receiving a hearing and convince those drunk with greed and corruption. Wait till they sign the deals; we will try to get out of these projects, renegotiate and it will be too late, the price will be costly. There is that airport project we tried to get off unsuccessfully.