Jubilee class 1 tablets

I had the opportunity to talk to a senior jubilee official just before they won the 2013 elections.
I shared with him my reservations about the laptops deal. I told him to relook the realities on the ground.
I instead floated the idea of modern primary school computer labs. The cost would be drastically cheaper in the long term as the CDF would also chip in .I thought we would kill 3 birds with 1 stone. Pupils would be taught computers at an early age. Most rural villages in the country are centered around primary schools; adult literacy programs would flourish with the introduction of computer literacy classes and finally the youth would also benefit through digital incubators, access to online jobs etc curbing unemployment.

Anyway nearly six years later , after made their “cut” in the laptops project, they now have switched gears to computer labs . Anyway, TUKO PAMOJA.


I love this hype of Jubilee development record… A total fraud…Halafu 2022 what else will you promise Kenyans after failing to deliver in any of your long list of promises…msitaje SGR hiyo ilikuwa promised by Kibaki when he started the Beijing initiative :meffi::meffi::meffi:

Take from me, it will never be done. I questioned the thoughtless approach to the idea and I was harpooned by some leaders. You can’t just wake up and start dishing tablets likethey are kdf. Huyo imekunywa Maji and another avenue ya construction of labs opened up. Its kitunguu season, yeeaaahhjh!

damn, it’s not that jubilee honchos are thick, it’s only that they pretend to care while we are so gullible we cannot see through the lies.
Computer labs for public schools was more viable but how many in the villages can get excited about labs…??? a laptop is a better propaganda tool…
kwanza with nice graphics - a poor kid holding a tablet is a marketing killer…

Before every project is initiated in Kenya, kickbacks have to be paid upfront and a 10% after completion.
But as they say Mungu halali, there will come a time all corrupt people watatapika whatever they stole. My take is, maybe a certain president in the near future will inherit an empty Treasury with loads of foreign debt and a near dead economy . He will have no option but to turn Kasarani stadium a detention centre for all corrupt individuals, u remit to treasury a certain share of your wealth for your freedom.
I know it sounds fiction but that’s the only way out of our mess as a country.
A smart guy who’l betray the oligarchs after they help him gain power by arresting all corrupt persons and having the return I’ll gotten wealth back to the state. He should be ready to be assassinated by the powerful oligarchs but that should be a small price to pay.

It was obvious that the decision would be a fail. @Nattydread wouldn’t hear of it either. Anybody who said that the project woudl fail was branded a negativo. Children don’t even need computers at an early age. Did you know that Bill gates and steve jobs raised their kids tech-free? Children in school need to know how to read write, do arithmetic and think.

that’s true ,anyway i think we’ve lost more than 10billion shillings in this laptop deal

Meanwhile Safaricom is still rolling out a solar powered 10 seat lab ,to help teach the basic in computing. Based on Ubuntu .The first one was in Kiambu county - June 2015 and the latest one to be commissioned was in Turkana .

Kiambu - Ndundu Primary School