Jubilee: Catch Them Before They Cheat!!

[SIZE=4]While JaKuon first issues 427 certificates and then holds a few contentious nominations, Jubilee does everything in its power to ensure that dishonest politicians are prevented from trying to skew the process in their favour.[/SIZE]
Jubilee dismisses 73 presiding officers amid rigging claims[/SIZE]

Jubilee party has dismissed all its presiding officers from Tetu constituency over claims of rigging.

The 73 officers were shown the door by the Nyeri county elections board, which said they have enough evidence the officers planned to rig elections.

This is after Tetu MP Ndung’u Gethenji’s chief campaigner Fianjo Mathenge was arrested on Tuesday over a suspected plot to rig the Jubilee Party nominations.

[B]Mathenge was arrested by more than 200 Tetu residents and local leaders who handed him over to the police.

The angry residents stormed the Aberdare Country Club in Nyeri on Tuesday night where Mathenge was allegedly meeting 50 presiding officers.[/B]


Cliffhanger No. 2017-064:

[SIZE=6]NASA has flag bearer, set for major announcement tomorrow

[SIZE=4]Another day planned to do the silly dance before a gathering of gullible dunces. Hakuna mtu anaweza kuwashones shati mpya hiyo za OKOA-JaKuon ziache kuleta aibu? They always remind me of this:

https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-NWrr2q3U_bc/VvhzfZiZMsI/AAAAAAAGpqQ/0Y8DbtCEzok0cOAa5aXdmHW4SMEp5qJ2Q/s1600/2.jpg [/SIZE]


Now that there is a 5th principal should we just call them pentagon.


Hahahahahaha! That is sharp.

hapo Jubilee have scored +1

Sitasema kitu

usiseme kitu

Mudavadi was introduced to make kalonzo forget about the CORD MoU and now bomet governor has been introduced to remind Mudavadi and Wetangula that western region shouldn’t be dominant in NASA. When they Name the flag bearer who is likely to be Raila ndio majama watajua walicheswo

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What makes you think they don’t think? Grown ass men, oblivious?

Eish babuon swagga nayo…

Hii ni Shipotoshop ama nini?