jubilee borrowing

In a period of six months this year, the Jubilee government acquired a foreign debt of Sh226 billion. With that, Kenya’s total foreign debt has reached over Sh3 trillion, the highest in the region. A document tabled before the National Assembly last week showed that during the six-month period, the country signed 18 loan agreements to finance various projects, including Sh60 billion from the Chinese ‘to ease the cost of doing business’ in the country, and a Sh20 billion syndicated facility to help revive the troubled national carrier, Kenya Airways (KQ). The Treasury’s report was tabled just a month after the UN warned that Kenya is among African countries whose debt burden is unsustainable. In a report titled Economic Development in Africa Report 2016, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) advised the country to reduce her reliance on external funding as 'the external debt continually looks unsustainable."
Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000219951/jubilee-heavy-borrowing-pushes-kenya-s-foreign-debt-to-sh3-2-trillion

Diary of a lunatic.
Monday Call a press conference at home.
Tuesday Return to Western for the 30th time.
Wednesday Call a press conference at home.
Thursday Attend a funeral.
Friday Call a press conference in town.
Saturday Return to Kisii for the 40th time.
Sunday Call a press conference at home.
Continue week two with only a slight change of venue and itinerary.

Wasnt there a time we used to have a shadow cabinet? What is the work of the leaders of the opposition in the houses?

What does the IMF say?


The truth is the Jubilee government is borrowing rather heavily, a Raila-led government would have had to borrow too to build the infrastructure this country needs, focus should be on the widespread wastage and corruption in both levels of government, we are like a patient who is receiving blood from a blood transfusion and is still haemorrhaging at the same time.

We are not concerned that borrowing is bad, but rather that Raila is campaigning! Very rich :D:D:D

If that was Raila’s govt borrowing, @Mathaais @Nattydread and the usual rabid bunch would be foaming at the mouth

how do we bring Raila into this story? oh yeah… it is done

Remember, he will never be President

this is pure theft banaa lets go to the streets and picket .

Another important topic where people derail it with cheap sideshows, this is really childish.

Ulisema wewe ni wheeler dealer in the Jubilee government, so ata wewe unakula nyama why would you want to picket?

we need the infrastructure urgently…we will pay debt

let us focus on the issue it has got nothing to do with raila .

hehe I can tell you always get very pissed with the raila comments

nipewe katender ka kuleta tear gas .

Actually, it cuts both ways. May be I might come across as sympathetic to Raila but that’s not really the case. And si kila topic inataka mtu ataje sijui Raila sijui Ruto without offering a valid response on the topic being discussed.

Our discussions here whether carried out with the solemness of monks in a monastery or the playfulness of kids in a kindergarten doesn’t influence government policy in any way.

My thoughts exactly. Those in govt pro development will see loans as good n an easy way to reach goals. Those in opposition will oppose even a grant to govt because they feel they should be eating.

Problem is even the economists…the magesha ngwiris,the David ndiis…the political analyst talking heads…the Adams oloos…mutahi ngunyis…etc are all tribal spewing shait. We are doomed

Should we just keep quite ? Should we just see sh*t being smeared on our faces and smile ? I believe when we share our feelings & differ maturely, at some point we all learn a thing or two, no one has monopoly of knowledge and information. All we need to do is engage maturely, criticize where need be & give credit where it is due.