Jubilee Asili iko imara daima kuliko doshi ya Mchezaji


How many votes does PR have. Wakenya tumegutuka saa hii hio upuzi hatutaki.

Uhuru alikua anafanya nini kwa slums jana usiku kama sio PR?

BS .

Eishh…God chosen DP.Dr.Uncle Ruto eats with the poor,2022 liwe liwalo.

The baton has been passed on… Unwillingly.
Martin Kamotho aka Githeri Man has had his Presidential Award grabbed by The man from Sugoi.

Leta uhodo senior

This guy is stressed nowadays, ever since the Kenei incident he doesn’t even shave anymore.

Millions of kenyans have bound themselves with oaths not to do what they normally do until Arror is appointed and Uhuru disappointed

Wewe uko na UPUS…bado una Tanga Tanga tu yet you sleeping hungry…

Sell this hogwash to stupid thurakus

Dynasties Kwanza mus fall, that’s the first step

hustlers’ nation itatawala 2022 mpende msipende.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]The lines are drawn, Hustler nation vs fat cats

2022 ni hustler time

Liwe liwalo

a man eating beans and maize is news??

This guy can’t even build his workers proper housing… Watu wake wa shamba personally… Wana ishi kwa hse za mabati… Mimi… Nime jengea wangu za mawe… . Yet expect him to bring development…?..

Juzi niliona aki donate tanks za maji… Na unga… Ati watu wafungue carwash… What kind of mentality is this?


WSR should be allowed to campaign anywhere anytime. We are tired of being fed lies that he tangatangas in Muthamaki’s backyard and he does not like that. Kwani who is he? He does not own Centro as we speak. Actually all of them should be out campaigning and sharing their stolen loot with Wanjiku.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Pictures please, or it never happened.
And just so you know, for the fellows who received the tanks and flour it made a lasting impact.