Jubilee approves pre-election coalition agreement with ODM

Baba will win by 8.30am. We in Jubilee and Mt Kenya are behing this coalition 100%. As Murathe said, prepare yourselves for a Jakom presidency.

On Tuesday, a joint sitting of the Jubilee’s National Management Council (NMC) and Parliamentary leadership granted formal permission to the Secretariat to hammer pre-election coalition agreement with the opposition outfit.

“Following various high-level consultations within the Jubilee Party that culminated in a joint NMC and Parliamentary leadership meeting this morning, the NMC granted permission to the Party Secretariat to formally engage with ODM Party in drawing a framework agreement on a pre-election coalition agreement,” Tuju said in a statement.

“With this decision, the Jubilee Party will be formally writing to its coalition partner Kanu as is required by our coalition agreement and the etiquette about this development and to seek their constructive engagement on the same.”

Tuju also noted that they will be writing to Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper Party – with whom Jubilee has a co-operation agreement – about the new development.

Suafeeeee mgondi tunamtuma hague.