Jubilee achievements

Ukweli usemwe. This government has done much more than all the other governments. They would have done more were it not for the obstacles put by people like WNBP and Odunga. I will list some of their achievements.

  1. Electricity connection- more households connected to electricity during the last 4 years.
    2.Laptops to kids
    3.Roads- More kms of roads constructed during the last 4 years than the previous governments combined.
    4.Railway-Next year July tutapanda SGR from Nairobi to Mombasa.
    5.Inua jamii- Old people get a small monthly allowance ili wajisustain.
    6.Devolution-Money sent to counties more than the constitutional minimum 15%
    7.Education- free primary. Secondary fees reduced.
  2. Medical- Standards of hospitals improved all over. Sio lazima ukuje knh kupata matibabu.
    9.Security. Though kuna global security threats, wamejaribu sana.

Overall grade: A- (minus).


watakuja kusema wameiba sana


how much will the fares be different classes to MSA? 4.5 hrs is a good deal IMO. Once traveled from Kisumu railway station to Nairobi during the late 1990s and it took 48 hours due to breakdowns and shit


Free primary?

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I thought that was already there. Since 2003/2004


Nawangoja sana

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Angalia enrollment in 2003 and now ndio uta appreciate.

Enrollment will always grow because the population is growing.

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And by the way some of the things in your list there were conceptualized by the former regimes and jubileee are just implementing them e.g Free primary, Railway, Devolution and more kilometers of road.

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60% of Kenyans have access to electricity now, a country like Niger has only 6% of it Population having access to electricity and many other African nations electricity is a luxury for few people


Ambia Raila and those who want to get credit ya kwamba vision without execution is just hallucination


Especially electricity, I applaud them on that. Watu wengine walishindwa cha kusema, wakaanza eti ooh…kwa nini wanaweka stima kwa nyumba za matope. I’m pretty sure those beneficiaries are enjoying every minute of it.


I was worried we would go to page 2 without Raila being mentioned


Hii point wachana nayo boss, so what they were conceptualized by previous regimes? Continuity is prioritized too because of programs like vision 2030 etc. So hii story ya former regimes koma, you’re trying to give raila undue credit even if you didn’t mention him


Hii stats ya 60% ulitoa wapi?

Yes, waking up late on my holiday and this is the first post I see. It’s sinking in. Just wait for the full campaigns details in 2017 as Jubilee manifesto is reviewed, government reforms highlighted, achievement mentioned and finally remedies for the failures.

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I actually had Kibaki in mind. He promised free primary and implemented it once elected

And by the way when I say former regimes; Uhuru and Ruto were part of the grand coalition government so they also get credit for those plans I don’t know why one man is being singled out.


Jubilee Government is the best one since independence. Most likely the best we’ll ever have.