Jubilee 1 - 0 Naswa

Kogalo should have withdrawn, so the game does not take place. It’s not like they would have lost 3 points.

Eti giniwasekao?
Hasn’t Gini always been a cow?

Inaitwa SWARA!

Man City brrrrrrr

sioni the humour in this


Utaona October 26th.

Haki bangi inyovtwa na wana kijiji ni kali kabisa!!

I’m sitting on my comp laughing so hard and finding it difficult to explain the joke:D:D
@admin We need ROLF LMAO emojis

Thika wanapewa Kikombe ya relegation?

Football is mambo madogo but it’s news cos Thika United hardly win against Gor.




You win a match but Gor wins the league, terrible joke


Biased ref. @this is hard ki vipi?

Who went to London and Arsenal lost?

sips @Coffee :D:D:D

Eish! watu wamekuja mpaka na statistical abstracts:D:D:D:D:D

Ya kuchapa Kogalo bila lube na jibu.

You simply don’t get it?

@Deorro humor iko hapo, humour si results but how it has degenerated into Rwnbp and Uotp, hehehe