Jubaland to be part of Kenyan soil. ( Somalia next)

Information coming in on this as government ramps up initiatives. [ATTACH=full]258429[/ATTACH]

good morning sir

In my life sijaskia kitu ya ufala kama hii

Huwezi sikia kama kichwa imejaa ugali

As a Kenyan Somali who is very familiar with the folks in Somalia, i get the feeling you guys really really underestimate Somalia’s strength militarily. They may be very disorganised but mambo na vita you really don’t want to be fighting against them.

Don’t take digi seriously. Si unajua yeye ni mtu wa fake news.

It’s not only Digi many people here think a military move is the solution to the Kenya- Somalia dispute which is honestly ignorant. These guys are fanatics when confronted directly by a foreign country militarily, kwanza I know thousands of guys having good lifes in Europe and US will come back all the way to just take part in the war:D:D

Also observing the internet this whole conflict seems to be beneficial for Somalia, i have NEVER seen them united on any thing except this maritime case.

Actually, Kenyan government is known to support the Jubaland leader, Madobe which is a good move. Juu Somalia’s politics and clan loyalties are really unpredictable. Lakini in future si kutakuwa na several smaller Somali states considering Puntland na Somaliland have their own governments?

If you are Kenyan first then why are you siding with Somali govt. ?!

You are either with us or with them. You should congratulate Digi.

Hii mambo yenu ya kuhama hama msimamo. Mara you are Kenyans mara you are not…

Mkiambiwa na Trump mrudi kwenu hamtaki. Mmeongeleshwa vibaya. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Mkiona shabaab wakichapwa mnaskia vibaya.

If a Kenyan boy wants a Somali girl tena inakuwa na issue. Kwani mnatakaga aje jameni? And the way Somalis are in key sectors of govt. and the economy.

Duale is number 3 in power in Kenya. Duale is third in line in power arrangement.

Good morning chief.

Hapana elder, senior village sponsors cartel have been managing to spread negative propaganda against me.

Am siding with Somalia because I tell you of well know facts that they are fanatics and we really don’t want a war with them?

Okay if it makes you feel any better, let’s go over to Somalia today and take it over. We annex all their territory and colonise them while they welcome us lovingly :D:D

Most Kenyans don’t know the Marehan clan( Kenya’s enemy number 1) live in Gedo region which borders Kenya in Jubaland.
Marehan are a battle hardened clan that produced Siad Barre, Farmaajo, numerous warlords and nearly 60% of AS low and top commanders.
They are the ones that brought down Kenya’s border wall sometime back.
Kenya has to bend over for the Marehan if they want to ever have a peaceful Jubaland.
They have to be given their rightful share in the Jubaland administration.

Anyway , some major political blunders by Farmaajo may make his reelection a mirage.
He is fighting his Darod counterparts in Puntland & Jubaland and also the rahweyn in SW state ( Sheikh Robow issue).
His political base has abandoned him , Kenya only needs to have its stooge elected as president in 2020 , a Hawiye( probably Abgaal) or a friendly Puntlander as President .
Kenya only needs to tame Kheyre , disorganise his bid .
We will then annex Jubaland in peace by 2021, benefit from cross border tax with KRA positioned at all border crossings .
by the way Kenya should have a military customs unit specifically for Jubaland positioned on the border and at Kismayu port.

Hao watu wanafight wakiwa wamevaa sandals ama crocs na wako tu sawa . I wouldn’t want any unnecessary war .

Colonize? They should be bombed from the face of the earth halafu we take over their land

Pale kwa base ya muguka niliskia USA ili discover oil north eastern Kenya na somalia but walisema mpaka Raira akuwe President ndio waonyeshe mahali wameficha meanwhile wanaipump chini ya maji inaenda pale Minnesota

Sasa unasema Kenya hakuna kitu tunaingia huko kama makuku kuliwa tu???
War is about tactics going from that no army in the world has really perfected tactics,Africa as a whole is just another case

Somalis Ni watu wajinga ati waliona wameangusha black hawk moja inaendeshwa na mzungu ametoka kula cerelac USA ikatoka Somalia coz it was pure useless country wakaona Ni wabaya . Si wafukuze kdf tukubali

Vile Ethiopia huwanyorosha, mbona huwa hamuleti hiyo military strength?