Juba utachapwa na ufukuzwe

Deputy Mayor of Juba Thiik Mayardit, a relative of President Salva Kiir showed up at a private company and beat up two foreign managers. Thiik has a reputation of violence and threatening foreign traders. This lawlessness is scaring foreign investors in South Sudan.

Them wa-sudi culture came first no matter what. Secondly majority of dinka or nuir are related i.e inter clan marriage linage.The deputy mayor of juba could be from another mother from kiir mother.

Una sema nini?

Tunaongelea vita na ghasia from the little brother


Among wa sudi to be heard you are issuing a relative is an anthema leave alone gossip which is upfront of disloyalty.Kila mboma iko na ak47. Uta uma pamba my friend.

Chances are one of the deputy mayor relative instigated andthe repo effect based solely on clan mindset.

We are drafting a constitution, thereafter is when we can start saying violence is bad,let the rule of law take it’s course.

Meanwhile,I like documentaries and YouTube videos from that bush,it’s like Kenya in the 60s back

Heard a story where a foreign truck driver received several canes for traffic offence, He was unable to bear the full number of canes and the remainder was passed on to his turnboy.