Jsks unapologetically thief

1.Hustler Jet Scandal Ksh. 127 Billion looted

2.Grabbed Muteshi Land 100 acres of land .

3.KPLC pole scandal Ksh. 87.56 Billion looted

4.Kimwarer Arror dam scandal over Ksh. 18 Billion looted and diapers supplied to the site.

5.NYS 1 Scandal Ksh. 287 million looted.
6.Grabbed KCAA land where Weston Hotel is constructed.

7.Maize scandal Over Ksh. 6.7Billion looted

8.Eldoret fertilizer factory scandal over Ksh. 100Billion looted.

9.Kenya Police Insurance scandal Looted over 54 Billion police insurance funds .

10.Grabbed part of Ngong forest

11.Grabbed ADC ranch in Laikipia where stolen cattles are hidden by cattle rustlers

12.Harambee gun scandal , stole over
987 Million from Poland foreighners

13.Historic Kamariny stadium scandal Looted over 2 Billion .

  1. NHIF scandal , over 166 Billions looted .

  2. Fixed Kalenjins in every Parastatal to loot . Kalenjinization of Kenya continues.

These are just the known scandals , Arap Kimwarer is said to have looted more than what can be speculated. It is said he has hidden billions in Baragoi forest caves and abroad.

After Looting the economy , declaring himself the ArchBishop of all Kenyan churches and making Kenyans gnash their teeth. Kenyans are really happy,