JSKS sounds Bitter!...Is he okay?





Safi mkuu

Offshore accounts,land grabbers, tax evaders,kemsa thieves etc … dynasties will one day fall .

Yes Rasta!

That statement on boda boda is very unfortunate and aimed at winning their hearts…but am sure if he becomes president it will only be logical for there to be order in that sector.

No one is opossing order in the Bodaboda sector. You saw on TV Order in Thika Bodaboda. Who has opposed that?

@spear mkutano haijaisha utupee inside scoop

Am talking about this


Where’s the lie?

How is that opposing order in the Bodaboda sector?

This elections is the most defining but its also the most easy I have so far seen. Chief Hustler moved mountains to shift the grassroot his way. It doesn’t matter what the competition do, it was over a long time ago. Everything that happed the last 2 years was predictable, scenarios and reactions preplanned. That’s how good we are and how poor the competition is.

Today nilikuwa kwa shamba, growing my own fresh produce. Rainy season is coming. The NDC was playing on my earphones. The folks there will inform. Well organized, well articulated, great order & speeches. That’s expected for an organization of the next government. What was moving is the excitement, eagerness and conviction to go the distance. Jayden wonders why he is alone and isolated at state house. Well he let his adviser be his court jesters. Now his only asset, money can’t help him.

Who talked about opposing? I clearly said “statement”…do you have a problem with comprehension?

A marathona on steriod.
He has to deal na hizi issues,

  1. BBI.

  2. Voters turn outs or nabas to capture state powers.

  3. His runing mate ni nani.

  4. ICC jargon heats up once he losses.

on the first day of office, nitazima eacc alafu nicheze kama mimi

angesema hivo