JSKS is not the solution but a STEP in the right direction

A lot of you don’t understand the cross roads we are at as a country.

For the first time since independence, a man, despite being very crooked (then again so are his opponents), is likely to send home the remaining 2 families that have held huge political control over this country since 1963, FOR GOOD.

WSR made Gideon Moi (the late Dan Moi’s soft polo playing mzungu hugging son) irrelevant in the Rift & in the national political scene.
Truth be told, Gideon can’t lead a group of secondary school girls.

Now he has a chance to send home Odinga & Uhuru home FOREVER. Which means they shall never revive again, seeing as mama Ngina (the evil bonobo Queen mother) is almost on her deathbed. We as Kenyans WON’T allow Muhoho to rise to power, EVER.

And for mzee RAO, hehe I hope he dies a peaceful death in his 1B shilling mansion in Kisumu City. And it is his problem for selfishly failing to mentor a successor for national politics in his region.

By God we shall put pressure on Ruto’s administration to carry out economic repair and carry us forward as Kenya. No mediocrity!

All in all may PEACE PREVAIL.

My vote is for William Samoei Ruto, and I know over 10m Kenyans will too. Fingers crossed he does a half decent job.
Not because he’s our saviour but because he’s a STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. After JSKS is done, ANY COMPETENT KENYAN can be president thereafter.

To hell with those 3 families.

Kenya for Kenyans.

Kwanza there ia a woman the Kenyatta are grooming. anafanana teh eveil witch jezebel naskia amepewa amewea nomination senate. Aliiba za covid pia na juzi amepwa honorary kenyatta university

What is her name? SHINDWE kabisa!

The Rutos will just become the new dynasties in town. Juzi tu aliweka mtoto wake akue ambassador. It’s only a matter of time he starts appointing his brothers sisters and cousins as heads of government institutions. Personally I find it very strange that all the low IQ people tend to support the UDA camp. It’s almost as if they are targeting the stupid and gullible.

We can’t and won’t allow it.

Kenya for Kenyans.

This dynasty cliche though:)

Ati families who have been in power since 1963 yet in 1966, just three years after independence, Odinga was vittually in the political cold until 1992. And Raila was NOWHERE near power until KANU/NDP merger.

Anyway, its an emotional line, a magic wand of solving the country’s complex problems. Run with it.

Look around you. All the purportedly high IQ fellas are against UDA. Then you have this low IQ mongooses …

If you were sharp you’d realise the benefits the Odinga family gained even in the 70s and 80’s and 90s and 2000s due to their close connections to the political scene.
Father to son and so on.

Hii maneno is kwinished.
The old Bondo bound man, home for retirement, finally.


Ruto’s entire fortune comes from looted state funds just like those dynasties you’re complaining about lakini juu ya upungufu ya akili you can’t see that both are two sides of the same coin.

We deal with the old crooks first then we go for JSKS neck.
Ruto’s wealth is nothing compared to those 3 families, nothing in comparison.

In fact Gideon & Uhunye could not do anything for the next 30yrs & they’d still be wealthier than WSR.

Wakwende WOTE. The families and the bogus hustler.
Kenya deserves better.

How easy it is for you to forget that the same Ruto you are fighting for owns a 1.2 billion private residence:D:D

You claim that a lot of us are not in the know, then go ahead to give one of the most ignorant takes on this platform.

Odingas are not even a dynasty to begin with. The solution you offer can morph itself into the biggest dynasty this side of the world. How do I know? They have an impressive record as far as matters involving graft, nepotism, tribalism and all kind of vices are involved. Of course I cannot mention the specifics because as usual UDA sheep will counter every statement with the most vague reasons ever. If I say Ruto is a murderer, utaskia mkisema Raila pia amechinja mbuzi kadhaa. Anyway, tukutane debe

I’ve never heard an intelligent person accuse others of low IQ.

Again you’re arguing with emotions.
No where in my thread did I mention the word “dynasties”
So IDGAF what the Odinga family is, they have destroyed our political peace since the 60s. They must go home this year.

I agree, ukitaka kumla nguruwe chagua aliyenona

So I’m supposed to call people who support well known thieves and thugs intelligent. They even believe that the same thieves and thugs will put in place initiatives that will empower they even though they have spent their whole careers stealing from them. Lakini anyway mtoto akililia wembe mpe

No one in UDA is a radical to instigate any change their supporters expect.

She’s in her 70s, haezi nusa the big seat. She’s just a proxy to help lobby Senators wapitishe miswada mizuri ya Counties. Ama labda atapewa speaker? Lmao

Fingers crossed means we’re f***d anyway. Not the solution but step in the right direction, at a cross roads? Not really, we have 2 other contenders who have a clean record in public life, albeit by having never held any elective public post. So this argument that we are at a cross roads as if it is a divine order to vote in either WSR/RAO is hogwash and points to a bigger problem that reflects the kind of voters the country has.