JSKS is a Blabber-Mouth

[SIZE=7]President Ruto: There was a devious plot to abduct and kill Chebukati during August polls[/SIZE]

The President, without dropping any names, said senior politicians teamed up to manage the presidential succession with a view to guaranteeing a very specific outcome of the ensuing election.

According to President Ruto, this plot was to be executed through the capture of autonomous constitutional bodies.

“This mechanism resolved to infiltrate the organisation by introducing at its highest level four sleeper commissioners whose sole task was to lie in wait for the election, then spring into action and take drastic actions to subvert the will of the people,” President Ruto said.


Ukweli inauma zaidi

This exposure is causing irritations in people who have cheated us since independence.

effidence ama we assume ni arror’s meat up your behind reasoning on your behalf…

Piga ua hio baba zero

Effidence gani ingine unataka ,Kama chebukati himself, Babu na Ile Masai ilitoa Vita in full glare of media ,ama hauna TV?

1982 coup attempt was led by Ochuka.The master planner…mganga
2022 coup attempt was led by czerehrah…master planner…mganga.Ni hayo tu kwa Sasa wapenzi wasomaji

in court your argument is this weak…
and the source is this man?
grow yourself a working brain…

Hawa watu watalia mpaka siku gani? Next election? Form a commission, or better still, use the evidence they have to arraign those responsible ili iwe funzo…we need a man who shows through actions as we had been promised during campaigns sio kila saa kulia lia yet he has all the state power

Ruto should tell us who killed Musando awache hio kelele mingi yake.

I mean if it’s true, shouldn’t Nabii get the culprits arrested now that he is power

He’s muddying the waters because he, they have realized governing is not a walk in the park like the empty rhetoric, slogans, lies they were dishing out during the campaigns.

Mbona hao watu wasishikwe kama wanajulikana?

Ruto must have realized running the government is not a walk in the park especially if you are clueless, now he’s trying to distract us with new shit given the old rhetoric about inheriting a dilapidated economy is getting old!

Njaruos are out in force on this thread…ngojeni mpaka 2037 we will consider…

If Gok wanted to nyuria the IEBC chair they would have done it kitambo…ama munafikiria the Chair has super-powers? Ubaya ya watu wengine ni kubebewa akili…think…it’s free.

Lol, you won’t be around by then old fart

Take your arsenine, tribalistic rants back to the Senate. Kumbaff.

They believed the fake polls they churned out incessantly, so they had no need to kill him.
Then reality hit and ”Shiny Head” was unturnable. Desperate times, desperate measures.

Relax njaruo. Just take a deep breath, face Mt Kenya and stick your thumb into your rectum…